Day 5 – WE DID IT!!

The celebrations continue!  Last night was our Nursing Graduation – good times! Today has been a bit rough, and I’m just about to get ready to head out once again.  I haven’t had a chance to build up the endurance to celebrate this much, but I’m doing just fine!!  I think my body is running on adrenalin and euphoric happiness.  I still can’t believe I will never have to write another paper for an undergraduate program EVER again in my entire life!!  I’m sure there will be more school, but no one can take this degree from me!  That’s the cool thing about education.  You have it for life.  It’s stored up there in your brain, and you have a piece of paper to prove it.  So much work, but one hundred percent worth it.


ANNNNND!  I finally brought out Felipeh (my friendly guitar) to sing a little tune!  I sang, ‘I Hope You Dance’ by Lee Ann Womack – good words for a little spark of inspiration!  Thanks for the support guys!!! Can you call it singing if your voice is cracking and your hands are shaking from being so incredibly nervous?  Either way, I did it!  It was my gift to everyone in the room who helped me through.  These guys have seen me cry, pull my hair out, stress, celebrate – I think my Nursing friends know more sides of me than I knew were there before I started this program.  I’ve DEFINITELY changed and grown an incredible amount through it all.  THANK YOU EVERYONE who’s helped me through.  I don’t know if I could have done it without support.

If you want something bad enough, you can have it.  You just have to want it bad enough.  With help from the people around you, and with hard work & determination I truly believe that ANYTHING is possible.  Some things seem so far away and impossible to reach, but with one step at a time even the biggest most hairiest goals seem reachable and even surpassable.

It’s like climbing a monstrous mountain.  All you can think about is the next step and how hard each and every step is.  You enjoy the scenery around you, but are mostly focused on getting to the top so you can enjoy it and have a REST!!  When you get to the top, before you even get to relax, you see hundreds and hundreds of more mountains to climb and adventures to have, which you didn’t even know were there. Ahhhhh, the highs of life – the feeling of being inspired.  I thrive on this!  So many more doors open when you reach for your dreams.  SO MANY!  So many more mountains to climb, so many more opportunities to reach for.  And the feeling you receive when you accomplish something so great is priceless. PRICELESS!!

Alright time to head on out to celebrate with all the friends that helped me through! I have a feeling tomorrow is going to be another rough day.  Oh well.  This only happens once in my life!!  Reaching your goals gives you a reason to celebrate!  I’ve definitely accomplished my biggest one to date yet.  ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!


Smile with your heart!

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