Day 3 – This is going to be an AMAZING year!

I just know it!!  I can feel it.  This year is going to be amazing, for so many people.  No doubt there will be roller coasters, but I have a feeling it’s going to be a lot smoother for a lot of us.   Yesterday was a BIG day for me.  I’m feeling like the world is finally my oyster.  I can’t believe I’m actually an RN. AND I got to celebrate with wonderful, wonderful people.  Sheeners, Fellis and I busted out of the exam room, jumped for joy for a moment, then headed straight to Havana’s on Commercial Drive to celebrate with some tasty Champagne Sangria – wow.  So good.  Even wrote on the wall, that YES! we are finally NURSES!!!

I later met up with Clorinda to hike one of my favourite hikes in Deep Cove.  We haven’t had a proper catch up yet since I’ve been back, so it was good to FINALLY catch up!  Whenever we’ve had the chance to talk this past week, it’s always been flustered with this exam stuff.  NOT ANYMORE!!  I still can’t believe it.  I just pinched my left arm.

I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to do last night, and ended up on a whim driving up to Whistler to visit Pookie.  I’m so glad you’re back!  I’m so glad I went up there.  The Sea to Sky Hwy is hands down my favourite drive.  I was bustin’ a move with Clori’s new b-day CD she made me.  Loving life.  Smiling ear to ear, good tunes, sun setting over the snow covered mountains and even 2 extra(!) timbits at Tim Hortons from the nice guy who was extra thoughtful when I ordered my famous “2 Chocolate Timbits please”.  Life is good.

Like I said, yesterday was a big day for me. I’m feeling REALLY good.  I’m not gonna lie, I am a big horoscope/astrology guru. According to msn horoscope (which is freakishly accurate by the way), yesterday was an important day for me as it was the only New Moon in my sign for this year.  So I thought, being the hippie spirit chica that I am, I would put a few things out there to the universe on my favourite drive.  It was a special day.  It’s funny, because today I can already see things starting to manifest.  I really am creating my dream life.  I can feel it.

On the drive back home today, I was bustin’ a move once again to Clori’s CD when the car in front of me suddenly slowed down.  It had stopped because the car in front of him was turned over, glass everywhere.  There was not one second that went by that didn’t stop me from pulling over and running out to help.  Instinctive.  I was ready to c-clamp whoever or whatever I found in there.  I wanted to help.  Luckily the lady only had a minor bump on her head and a tiny scratch on her right arm, so my clamp wasn’t needed.  But looking at her car, you wouldn’t have thought this.  Thank goodness she was okay.

Looking back on this, I KNOW like I know like I know that I really want to be an Emergency Nurse.  This IS on my list of goals, and I know that it will happen.  There’s something about emergency situations that almost switches off a part of my brain that would allow me to worry, and rather I just act.  Maybe it’s all of my lifeguard training, but I feel that I act best in emergencies.  Funny.  I just found it kinda cool that I had been planning my new life on my favourite drive to be only reminded that YES, I am on the right path.  I AM good at this, and I WILL make a difference.

Another thing happened that made me want to pursue this even more.  I started the job hunt already by going to the medical clinic in Whistler.  I approached the lady at the front desk and explained that I was a new RN, and knew that getting a job here would be pretty damn hard (being Whistler), but thought I’d ask anyways.  She looked at me with a smile, and said, “you never know sweetheart, anything is possible.  Let me just make a phone call”.  Oh boy did I get excited.  I thought, WHAT?!  Whistler?  I could actually work here?!  No way!  Then I heard a lot of, ummhmmmms, and okaaays, on the phone to whoever she was talking to.  My hopes started to slowly fade away hearing these noises.  Bad news for me – they don’t hire New Grads.  Grrrr.  One thing I don’t like is being under-qualified.  This bugged me, and made me want to grab Nursing by the balls even more.  New Grad THIS Whistler!!  I’m going to become a full fledge Emergency Nurse so that I am needed everywhere I go.  No one will be able to turn me away – DONE!  So this was one of my goals that hasn’t changed, and now that I’m on this path of Nursing, the goal is bigger and brighter then ever.  It’s so important to have more than one goal!  This is exciting.

This year is going to be a good year for a lot of people – I just know it.  I know so many people who had a terrible and rough year last year (yours truly included – just a little more unexpected speed bumps than I would have liked).  It was the year of the Tiger (back to the astrology guru that I am at heart!) – a tumultous year.  Definitely.

This year, 2011, is the year of the Rabbit – a year of calmness.  A welcome relief after an energetic tiger year.  My dad shared an article with me (thanks!) explaining that the rabbit represents: calmness, creativity & ambition, good communication, endurance, money made easily, and best of all luck.  It’s gonna be a good one!  Can you tell I’m excited??!  I’m exploring all of the possibilities.  My adventure begins, and so does yours – RIGHT NOW!!  Enjoy it!

Smile with your heart!


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