See you soon!

Hi everyone! I have been MIA from my blog I know! I have
been on a boat for the past 3 days on the Great Barrier Reef.
Unbelievable. And I am now a certified scuba diver! How crazy is
that?! I am doing really well here. I have met some wonderful
people in this town, and tonight we are all going out to try our
first taste of kangaroo. Sorry for any vegetarians reading this! I
am off sailing tomorrow and scuba diving some more in the
Whitsundays. What a beautiful place. I am going to stop writing for
a while, I’m not sure how long, but I need some time for myself to
just enjoy my last few days in this beautiful country. I’m trying
to live as simply as possible taking in every moment. Walking in
bare feet as much as possible, eating slowly, walking slowly,
listening, and smelling everything I can. So this is me hiding for
a bit, here in one of the most beautiful places on earth. If you
are in need of some inspiration, I have a list of blogs from
wonderful friends on the right side of this page. As my new friend
Markus from Austria said the other day, ‘Hakuna Matatah’. I will be
back! Just needing a little bit of me time without any
distractions. Life is good! Smile with your heart!

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  1. Take care and enjoy the last leg of your trip!

  2. walking barefoot, and taking it all in! mmmm. sounds so wonderful to be on a sailboat DIVING! congratulations! i luv it! UR AMAzing jen kisses baci and love to u! xo!

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