Day 30 – Putting it all together

Happy birthday to my big sister!!  Happy thirty-Fun!!!  I know you are going to have one of the best years of your life.  If you’re lucky, I might just bring some vegiemite home to help celebrate!  I hope you have a great day. :) (I had a picture to post for you, but it’s taken half an hour and it’s still not working!!! – I’ll try again tomorrow).

I’ve been in my thoughts for the past few days, trying to just relax and digest everything I’ve experienced up until now.  Today I felt like I started putting the pieces together.  Here goes…

I believe that a person consists of three components: the body, the mind and the soul (or the spirit).  I feel that I’m learning how to incorporate and understand all three, using them to help guide me through life – all together.  I hadn’t really realized the connection until today, after I had been in my mind thinking about all that I have learned.  It’s almost as if we all have some sort of ‘super powers’ that if we begin to tap in to, life just becomes magnificent.  JC would always say, “You are your own magic wand”.  I’m beginning to understand this more and more each and every day.  This physical body encompasses so much more than we can see or feel.  I’m starting to get a tiny glimpse of my spirits own potential, or maybe a glimpse of a friendship with a higher power.  Whatever it is, I can’t really put words to because it’s so new to me.  I’m sure I will come to know of it more and more.

This past year, I have learned to listen to my physical body to help guide me – to help me align with my intention.  Last year, I was having constant stomach cramps and was unable to sleep most nights.  It was until I removed myself from that current situation that these started going away.  At this time, I was also feeling that what I was doing might not “feel right” – my gut, my instincts were starting to speak to me.  I believe this instinctive feeling to be the power of my soul.  I’m learning to listen gently & quietly and in doing so am beginning to understand my instincts.  As my dad has told me on many occasions, our gut instincts are pretty much always right (thanks Dad for this advice).  You know when you do something, and you think after “I just KNEW it!”  It’s as if something was speaking to us, but we ignore it too often. 

By becoming quiet over the past few days, I feel that my mind was starting to become calm enough so that I am now able to LISTEN to my instincts.  I’m able to LISTEN to my soul, and FEEL what my body is trying to tell me.  All of this started coming together today.  I am still fumbling around with these thoughts, but I know that something good is coming from them.  It’s unusual for me to be so quiet for so long.  I almost had to go through these past few days in gentle silence to learn this new way of life.  I’m beginning to understand that I have so much help.  There’s something so much greater than just my mind, or just my body that is helping me through this journey.  A greater source, so incredibly powerful.  I’m just only beginning to meet and know this higher power.  I know I have so much more to learn, but it’s just interesting knowing that when our mind becomes quiet, everything else becomes so much more clear.  I’m enjoying being a calm and gentle soul.  It feels good.

I’m up at 4am tomorrow morning to head to the airport.  I’m excited to be on the road again – travelling and exploring ignites my spirit!  I feel alive when I’m going somewhere new that I’ve never been.  I can’t wait to get there!

For anyone who is going to be backpacking any time soon, meet your two new best friends (I recommend it!): a pumice stone and heavy duty vaseline cream.  I feel like a new woman after using these!!  Your feet just get wrecked wearing flips all the time!   Ooooooh!  And for anyone who’s never done pilates before, like me – WOW!!  I woke up this morning and felt as if my core had shrunken into a solid cement block.  I can’t believe how sore I was, yet felt so strong!  Amazing!!!  I had to go again today – so tomorrow is going to be a sore one.  Feeling good! 

Smile with your heart!

I’ll try posting some pics tomorrow – at least I’ve learned that I need to bring a lap top on my next adventure. :)

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  1. thankyou for sharing such intimate moments! i luv ur blog and the truth ur revealing for urself and infinite others! i send u a big hug! thanks jen!

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