Day 29 – Nothing New :)

Wow, I must have been emotionally and physically exhausted.  I needed yet another day to myself.  I haven’t had the energy to meet anyone really or to be my outgoing self.  I guess I really am an introvert.  More than I thought I was.  I hadn’t really had time to myself over the past month, always on the go.  I LOVED the last month, but now it’s time for some down time.  I’m almost feeling like I’m fully recharged.  A part of me wants to head to the bar tonight in the hostel, but I’m starting to get sick!  So my body is telling me to chill out too.  Just one more night of being boring and I’ll be back at it.  It’s good to be boring sometimes!  My journal is becoming a lot thicker and my books are getting read – even my Nursing textbook!  Reading over it today made me miss all you Nursing girls!  I’m looking forward to our graduation, and I have a date!!  Yeahhh Karen!  Me & you baby! :)

I’m happy that I’m learning that needing time alone is okay.  I’m happy and feeling good in doing so.  I think that previously, I would have ignored this need and thought that I was lame if I didn’t go out and meet people.  But I’m becoming comfortable in my own skin, and am not so concerned whether people like me or not.  I have a choice to spend time by myself, and I have a choice to meet new people.  I have met so many amazing people along the way, and I know I will continue to do so.  Just not here, right now.  I’m proud of the fact that I’m taking this time for myself.  I need it.  I am unable to give myself 100% to the moment I’m in if I’m not fully recharged.  I physically am recharging.  Twizzle will be back in action any day now :).

Today was another simple day.  Museili for breakfast, walking, exploring, pilates, coffee & journaling, studying, more exploring, yoga, pancakes for dinner, laundry, blogging, reading, bed.  Nothing special.  I really liked the pilates class I went to though.  I’ve never been before!!  The machines looked hella intimidating, but I think I did alright.  I found a yoga/pilates studio that offers unlimited yoga and pilates for one week for 20bucks.  Yeahhh!  A tip for yogi travellers, you probably know already, but most places will offer a new member deal for a week – so take advantage of this if you’re in a city for longer than a few nights.  I sure am!  I’m looking forward to another day like this tomorrow.  Recharging.  Reflecting.  Filling my love tank up with everything I can do to help nurture myself.  Journalling, yoga, walking, listening to music, eating healthy, going slow, meditating, and the list goes on. 

Do what makes you feel good.  Fill your love tank up by yourself!  I’m learning to not rely on anyone to do this for me.  And I”m also learning to not care what people think if I’m that quiet girl who seems to want to be by herself.  I know that I can be like this, but also can be outgoing and fun.  I’m becoming way more confident with who I am.  So it’s easier for me to choose how I want to be and how I want to spend my time.  If you don’t like it, too bad.  I’m learning to show myself love and therefore am demonstrating how I need to receive love.  I’ve never thought of it like this, but it makes sense! 

So much learning on this trip that it’s making me go into hibernation in Melbourne!  Well needed and I’m sure it will be all well worth it once I get to my new desintation and need heaps of energy to keep me going!  One more day in Melbourne.  This trip is going to fast!

Smile with your heart!

Just a few pictures from my exploring!  They have a bunch of hidden alleys filled with cafes and others filled with grafiti.  There’s actually a grafitti walking tour you can go on to check it out all over the city.  And here is a pic of my humble abode while I’m here in Melbourne.  Not bad! (not working, i’ll post tomorrow!)

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