Day 28 – A nice little Sunday

I had a nice little Sunday today.  No home depot or bed bath and beyond (for all the old School fans out there – my favourite movie!!!), but I just took a ME day.  I didn’t realize how much I needed it.  It’s funny travelling alone – it’s almost impossible to be alone.  You wouldn’t think it!  But today I had to say “no thanks!” numerous times.  I just needed to recharge a la solo today.  Such friendly people EVERYWHERE.  I guess being by yourself is an easier invitation for people to be friendly.  It feels good to know that I have a choice of being by myself or spending time with friendly people.  There are so many people traveling by themsleves, so many people in the same boat.  It feels pretty good.

I’m starting to fall more and more in love with this city!!  I started to get my bearings today.  Went for a run and started to figure it out (this is one of my favourite ways to learn a city – free and enjoyable!).  I learned that there’s a running route around a lake as well as a swimming pool just a hop skip and a jump from my hostel.  Tons of cafes, shops (window watching for me), grocery stores and bars with lots of live music.  Really cool city.  I’m here for 2 more full days.  So lots of time for running, yoga, music, walking, and pretty much everything else.  I even studied for a long while today!  I’m going to make the most of my ‘lazy’ days here and crack the book as much as possible.  It’s a lot harder than you’d think to study on vacation!!

I woke up this morning around 9:00 and went straight down to the travel agent in the hostel.  I had to figure out a plan for the rest of my trip.  I didn’t realize until after, but I ended up spending 2.5 hours with the guy trying to come up with a plan!  I can’t believe how patient he was!!  So, New Zealand was the first plan, but it was too expensive and would be too rushed for only 10 days.  That trip is unfortuantely going to have to wait until another time.  Everyone I’ve met who’s been there can’t stop raving about it, and they have all said that I have to spend more time there than just 10 days.  Good advice. 

Next attempt was Tazmania, or Tazzy as they call it here.  Thanks Mom for suggesting I go here, but it’s not gonna happen unfortuantely!  I was really close to booking that, but again it was too expensive and would be too rushed.  Also I wasn’t feeling 100% about it.  I’ve heard tons of good things about it there too, but it just wasn’t gonna happen. 

You will never guess where I’m headed to on the 12th.  I had no idea I would be going there on this trip!!!  It’s funny how goals change.  If we make 50% of them, we are on the right track!!  So I won’t be accomplishing all of the goals I set for this challenge, BUT I will be leaving Australia with something more than just a smaller bank account.  I can take this with me for the rest of my life, on all of my other travels!!  It’s something that I’ve always been scared to do.  So THIS is the scary challenge of my 40 day challenge.  Ahhhhh!!!  I can’t wait! 

So tonight I went out and about in search of some live music, and PENGUINS!!  Yes penguins!!  Australia has penguins, who knew?!!  I walked a long ways to St. Kilda, which is a super fun little town near the beach.  One of my roomies met me there to search together for the penguins.  We saw a whole bunch!!  These are the smallest penguins of the 17 types.  They were so cute!!!  Who knew I’d be seeing penguins on this trip – in the wild!  So cool!

I’m feeling a whole lot better today.  I actually had two moments today where I felt so happy I had tears of happiness (I seem to have turned into a sappy cry baby on this trip!  I must have been holding it all in apparently).  It just feels that I’m meant to be where I am.  And I’m proud of myself for staying calm and remaining grounded.  I’m learning that by putting myself more and more out of my comfort zone, and being in so many different types of situations all the time, the highs and lows aren’t so dramatic.  I’m learning to sit with my feelings of loneliness and my feelings of incredible happiness.  I feel more calm.  More present.  More balanced.  I’m so grateful for what this trip is teaching me.  And this is only the beginning!!

If you have been wanting to travel, but keep putting it off or are scared to go by yourself, DO IT!!!  I think it is the best thing that anyone can do.  You will go through every emotion possible (as you can see by me!), and gain so much.  And SEE so much!!  Meet so many amazing people!  (some different types, yes), but for the most part I’ve met friendly, outgoing and passionate people who all have one thing in common – they love to travel.

Smile with your heart!  Happy Sunday!

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