Day 27 – GORGEOUS!!

Our tour guide today must have used this word at least 50 times.  This is what describes the Great Ocean Road.  A MUST see if you are in Melbourne!!  I’m so happy that I spent the money on this tour.  GORGEOUS!!!  It’s the Italian Amalfi Coast or the BC Sea to Sky Highway of Australia.  We started with a 2.5 hour drive to the 12 Apostles (well now there’s only 7.5) which is something I’ve always wanted to see.  WOW.  I didn’t realize how much I love to go and SEE things.  I could sit for hours on trains and buses just looking out the window, content as can be, and arriving at such beautiful things such as this! 

We stopped at least 15 times at various places along the coast.  Tons of little random towns lined the coast, all with different and unique personalities.  One particular spot was known for it’s koala’s, another MUST for me before I was to head of this continent.  DONE!!  There were tons in the trees at this place!!  Did you know that they sleep 20 hours of the day?  All they do is wake up to scratch themselves and eat more of the eucalyptus leaves, which actually make them drunk.  They are so cute!!  We saw heaps (!) of kangaroos in the fields too once the sun was starting to set.  I love this country!!! 

It started raining again today and once again there is NO SWELL.  We stopped at the most famous surf beach in Australia, Bells Beach, where all of the International Surf Comps occur.  Completely flat.  Our tour guide said she’s never seen it like this!  No surfing for us on this trip.  Just wasn’t meant to be I guess.  Weird how I seem to continually bring this with me wherever I go around this country!  And the rain.  They have been in a drought for over 15 years, until this summer.  This is the first summer in 15 years that they haven’t had water restrictions.  The tour guide was explaining how a few years ago, the government gave every household an hour glass timer which lasted 2.5minutes – the time limit of showers.  I just so happened to come when it’s PISSING RAIN!!  I can’t complain though, I’m saving money on sunscreen.  Another random fact about Australia, is that you get paid by the government 7000$ for having a baby.  In need of some extra cash?  Then come on over here :). 

Awesome tour and awesome new friends!!  My face hurt from smiling and laughing so hard – one of the best tour guides I’ve ever had.  I’m going to send them an email to thank them for such a good time.  A MUST do if you’re on this side of the country ever.  What a beautiful COUNTRY!!

Thank you for everyone who sent the love vibes this way yesterday.  I must have felt them all in my sleep because today I woke up with a smile on my face.  Thank you Syl, Clori, Mandz and Diana for your emails!  And Shawn, my counsellor.  Thank you!!  Travelling by yourself gives you so much extra time to think about EVERYTHING.  I guess it forces you to think about things you might have been ignoring with all of the distractions of every day life. 

Thank you Clori & Syl for reminding me to live in the moment.  To grasp & be a part of every conversation.  To see and to smell all the details of my time here.  Thank you Diana for helping me to reflect on the original reason and goal of this trip for myself.  I am here becuase I have an incredible desire to explore and see as much as I can.  I love to challenge myself.  I feel a sense of accomplishment for traveling this way.  I love to experience culture.  I love to be a part of culture.  I want more depth in my life!  I want to know all about myself, and I’m learning so much from the people I’ve met along the way, and the time I’m spending with my own thoughts.  I want to grow.  I want to share all the things I learn with the people in my life so that they can enhance their life.  I like the challenge of doing this, so it’s actually fun for me.  Weird eh??!  I guess we all have different things that we love.  This is mine.  Putting myself out of my comfort zone to learn every angle of myself and to learn MORE – and then to share!  If I didn’t allow myself to do this, I might forever regret it.  Nothing is holding me back, so why not?!! 

Another one of my goals was to feel this exact feeling of being alone, and to become comfortable with it.  I want to be completely comfortable in this body of mine, and to know that all I need is the love for myself to be happy – to never need someone to make me happy.  So feeling sad and lonely yesterday was a good thing.  I actually am proud that I didn’t panic and over-react like I would have in the past.  With the help of my counselor and naturopath, I’ve learned to just FEEL the feeling.  To maybe even feel where in my body it exists, and to just allow it to be.  Perhaps give it a name, and comfort the feeling.  There’s no way possible to force it out.  The only way past it is to go through the feelings.  Sometimes they are uncomfrotable, like yesterday for me.  But it passed.  I know it will come up again, but with practice it’s getting easier.  I can see the growth in myself from just allowing myself to go through it.  Growth is painful sometimes, but ALWAYS worth it! 

I’m pooped today.  A night in.  This is the cleanest, freshest, biggest and BEST hostel I’ve ever stayed at.  I feel so safe and CLEAN!  What a nice feeling!  Thank you again for your happy vibes.  I felt it all the way across the globe – thank you!

Smile with your heart!



Perth at night!  A mini version of Las Ramblas of Barcelona in Southbank!  Free entertainment everywhere!!  What a fun city!

Kiri, Jodi and I – team Lulu!  I never got to lead a Vision board night because of too short of notice on my part.  We didn’t know when we’d be in Melbourne!  A few days notice is not enough!  Sorry guys!  That’s okay, there’s more vision board sessions where this chica came from!!!  Watch out Vancouver!

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