Day 25 – Shake it off!

Literally.  It works.  I am not one to sit and wait patiently for my nails to dry.  I have a hard time sitting still.  So you can imagine how frustrated I got when I spent an hour just waiting with akward hand positions for my nails to dry, then putting on my heavy backpack and scratching up the majority of them.  (For the men reading this, you probably won’t understand this frustration!).  I then went to try on a pretty, long dress in a store on the way to the internet cafe.  Again scratching up my nails, after not being able to put the dress over my head without getting the straps all screwed up (again men, you most likely woudn’t understand – but for the women reading you can probably feel my frustration!).  After this further increase in fluster-ness, I entered the internet cafe, which turned out to be a dark, gloomy video arcade.  Not the inspiring place you want to be blogging from.  Melissa and I looked at each other, and turned right around.  I know this doesn’t sound like much, but all of it pissed me off!!  It started with the nails wrecking after waiting for so long without being able to grasp just the simplest of objects.  Then the akward dress, followed by the weird cafe. 

So what did I do? 

I literally stood there with my heavy back pack on, and SHOOK IT OUT.  I shook my arms and legs, looking like a fool in the middle of the street.  I probably let my lips flutter and my head shake around like one of those Hawaiian dolls on the taxi drivers dash board.  Just imagine that.  Pretty funny if you ask me.  People were staring, but then they too started to smile and laugh.  We started laughing histeraically, and instantly I was feeling better.  Looking like a fool, yes, but feeling better.  And we made other people’s day I’m sure.  I’m sorry to have perhaps given Canadians a bad rep, for acting in this manner and having a Canadian flag on my pack.  But, oh well.  We are a land of free spirits.  This was definitely apparent to the aussies watching the display this afternoon.

Who cares what people think!  If you are confident in your actions, and laugh with yourself, people will usually join in.  If they don’t, they’re probably too stuck up for you to want in your life anyways.  Be silly!  Shake it out!  Do a kart wheel in the middle of the airport – I’m just about to do this by the way – guaranteed to make YOU and at LEAST one other person to smile.  :)

Smile with your heart!

Adding peanut butter to a delicious chocolate chip cookie.  Improvising!

Goodbye Sun Set! You weren’t no campervan, but you served us well!

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  1. Ha ha i LOVE this…we have all been there were things just irk and frustrate us. What a perfect way to get it all out. I will admit that i will be trying this in the future:)

    • You will love it :) !!!

      • Not gonna lie but i was in a funk mood on Monday and did this and it soooooo worked. I was in the kitchen making supper and just did it ha ha…Laila, my boxer, came up to me while i was doing it because i was kind of yelling at the same time…ha ha…and she sat down and just stared at me cocking her head side to side…ha ha soooo friggen cute. It was as if she was saying “Mommy are you ok? What are you doing”.

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