Day 24 – Going with the flow…

THANK YOU!!!!!  Thank you to everyone who shared this blog with your loved ones!!!  I can’t believe there were 360 views to my home page yesterday, and almost 800 hits to this site.  I am blown away. Thank you.  I couldn’t stop smiling when I saw that.  I still can’t!!  I really appreciate this feed back.  I’m so happy to know that by doing what I love, I’m making a difference.  So THANK YOU!!!!

Here’s a picture of Melissa, Nikki and I below.  All Lululemon Ambassadors – what are the odds of that?!!  And Zephra and Melissa below.  We love you guys!!!

If you’re new to my blog, WELCOME!!!  And for everyone who’s been keeping up to date with my adventure so far, I’m going to share my new goals with you.  You know, the one’s where I’ve been talking about this big idea!  Well part of it is this:  I’m going to travel for one full year, starting from the beginning of the last 40 day challenge.  There’s something to say for 40 days.  I had no idea that I would become addicted to blogging EVERY day.  Thank you 40 day challenge.  Thank you Semperviva Yoga for helping me to see this!  Thank you Luluelmon!  I’m going to continue my 40 day challenges, around the world.  I have to go back to Vancouver to write my Nursing exam in February but I am already planning the beginning of the year adventure.  Thailand in March.  My goal is to blog about my growth for ONE YEAR.  One year!!! EVERY DAY! That’s crazy!  But to be honest, when I first said I wanted to blog everyday and make my own website, these too seemed unreachable.  Nothing is out of reach if you want it bad enough.  So welcome to my journey of growth, self discovery and adventure.  My plan right now is to end my year of travel in Hawaii, running the Honolulu Marathon. If you’ve ever wanted to run a marathon, now’s your time to start thinking about it.  December 11, 2011.  With me.  Finishing my trip. Accomplishing my goals. We can do it.  I will be there to help all along the way.

So thank you for encouraging me to continue with this dream. Today during dinner, I said outloud to Melissa, “I’ve never felt so good in my life as I do now”.  You have so much to do with this.  Thank you for this feedback.  Thank you for your comments.  I am so blessed.

Melissa and I are back in Cottesloe for the night, before we head to Melbourne tomorrow!!  One thing about traveling I’ve definitely learned is to go with the flow.  We woke up this morning, and both sort of knew that it was time to leave. You just get this feeling, and you have to go with that.  It’s your gut speaking to you.  Although we hadn’t found such an amazing place in all of Australia besides here, with such a comfortable and welcoming family, it was still time to leave.  THANK YOU SAMUDRA for welcoming us into your home.  Nikki and Zephra, we will see you again.  I can promise you this!!  Either in Vancouver, India, Bali, or maybe WA again.  It was so good to meet you.  Thank you for showing up on our journey and reminding us that love is all around us.  We definitely felt the love. THANK YOU.

We feel that everything is unravelling the way it should.  It’s been a weird day of goosebumps.  We kind of just went with the flow.  Rolled a dice and headed north back to one of our favourite towns. The music at the restaurant we ate at could have been my iPod playlist.  All of the songs I love were playing.  My Gardenstate soundtrack, Mumford and Suns, The Kooks, David Gray, EVERYBODY we love!!  And then I went to go take a picture of the sunset, and asked a friendly guy to take my picture.  I handed him the camera and then we both started laughing.  It was Jacob, the kindest guy at the hostel we were previously at which was 4 hours from here.  So weird!!  Love is all around us.

The goal is not to push – the goal is to flow.

This is a quote that Tiny Devotions posted on their facebook wall today.  Perfect timing.  Thank  you Diana for helping to spread the smiling with your heart love!!  If you haven’t yet seen her malas, you have to visit her website (, or just have a look at the necklace I’m wearing in the majority of my photos.  I love the community around me.  I am feeling so supported.  It’s like we’re all stepping up to help one another. Following my heart is allowing all of this to happen.  I feel so blessed!

Thank you for continuing to follow me and support me by reading everyday. It only takes 3 minutes of your day to read through my blog, and to me that means the world.  I thrive off of the amount of support I get from this.  Please continue to follow me!  I promise to share everything I learn along the way.  Life is one incredible journey. I’m just riding the wave, and it feels pretty damn good.  Life is AMAZING!!

Smile with your heart!  THANK YOU!!!

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  1. DICE!!! now my heart is smiling away!!!

  2. yeahHHHHHH!!!!! I thought of you!!!! I want to meet this nanna of yours!!! :) xx

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