Day 23 – Tie it to a goal

“If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things.”            – Albert Einstein

Thanks Steph for posting this on your website.  I remember JC shared this with me once, and I will never forget it.  About 4 years ago, I was crying to JC on the phone, explaining my current situation at the time.  I wanted to drop out of Nursing school and move to Whistler, but one of the biggest things stopping me was the fact that I loved the girls in my class.  Sounds funny to hear myself say that now.  JC helped me to understand that I shouldn’t do things in life based on people.  I have to do what I really want.  I have to base my decisions on my goals, which are based upon my intention. 

Today, I don’t speak to many of the friends I made that year.  Rather, I have become best friends with so many new friends.  Family.  Friends I would never have met if I hadn’t done what I really wanted that year.  If I were to write a list of the amazing people and experiences I had because of this decision, it would be endless.  I probably wouldn’t be here.  I definitely wouldn’t have been in Byron for Christmas becuase I wouldn’t have met Pookie.  Thank goodness for that! :)

If you’re doing what you love, you are one hundred percent guaranteed to meet like minded and wonderful people along the way.  That is me here in Dunsborough.  Two of the teachers here feel like family to us already.  We all agree that we have the feeling  we’ve somehow met before.  Whenever I’m doing what I love, this tends to happen.  It’s like there’s a community surrounding me, across the world.  No joke.  Being here in this city, has made me appreciate my Kitsilano community so much.  I feel that I have that here.  Half way across the world.  The same feeling.  Home.  Family.  Even though they are short lasting moments, the connections are real and will stay with me always. 

I’m tying my happiness to a goal, and in doing so I am constantly surrounding myself with beautiful souls.  Melissa and I were talking today how we’ve only met nice, helpful people on this trip.  Everyone seems to be here to help us.  It’s hard for me to explain this feeling of connectedness, but I am IN IT.  I have a family wherever I go.  I am now living my new mantra: I am surrounded by love wherever I go.  And I truly am!

Guess what!!  We saw KANGAROO’S TODAY!!!  Not one, but HEAPS (picking up on the Aussie slang)!!!  We went to do a hike at the lighthouse off the point of the coast, and asked the owners of a little shop where we could find these guys.  My eyes almost popped out of their sockets when he said, nonchalently, “oh yeah, you’ll see 60 or so of them.  Heaps of roos at sunset.”  HEAPS!!!  When I almost jumped up and down, he laughed and asked, “so where are you girls from?” (somewhat laughing).  I explained to him that seeing a kangaroo was one thing I HAD to do before leaving this continent!  He was happy to help us, maybe becuase he’d never seen such eager people wanting to see a roo before.

Can you tell this one is a guy??! – kinda obviousWe walked to the lighthouse, then went for a swim at a nearby beach before heading back to the spot where he told us to “wait out”.  Felt like we were on some crime show or something.  So we waited.  Another group of people were waiting out too.  Then, there was one.  Jumping across the lawn.  The weirdest thing to see!!!  Then there were more!  They were just happily sitting there eating grass, jumping away.  I couldn’t stop staring at how different they look.  So cool!  On the drive back to the hostel, we saw a whole bunch just chilling out under the trees.  They are EVERYWHERE!!  Now, I can leave Australia knowing that I’ve seen a Kangaroo.  Pheww!

Tie your happiness to a goal!  Not to people.  Becuase if you’re doing what your heart truly desires, you will meet amazing people along the entire way of your journey. 

Oh, and today is an important and inpsiring day to set intentions, maybe write out a few goals.  Or just write out whatever your pen wants to.  It’s the new moon as well as an eclipse – a powerful day.  If you’re feeling a bit odd today, don’t fret it.  Just put out what you want to the universe (or whatever/whomever you belive in) and watch it unravel. 

Smile with your heart!

Happy birthday Mauritzio, who makes THE world’s greatest Mojitos!  We have here Dario, Marco, Mario, and I’m sure a Guiseppe too.  I love watching these guys cook!

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