Day 22 – So simple…

I’m starting to get into the groove of traveling now.  It feels weird picturing myself going back home.  Living out of a bag and sleeping in a bunk bed has started to become familiar and comfortable.  I’m learning that smelling slightly is okay.  Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do about this when you are living out of a stuff sack.  We had another good day today.  I was so excited to wake up and make my breakfast!!  We have a great kitchen here, and I bought ingredients yesterday to make Pookie’s famous Protein Pancakes!  So yummy!!!  So SIMPLE.  Yet they made my morning.  Maybe partly because I splurged and bought a tub of peanut butter which is making EVERYTHING better.  It’s even making my chocolate bars better that I am dipping in to it because it’s almost impossible to find peanut butter chocolate anything here!  So I’m improvising :).

So simple.  Life is so simple.  If I had to choose 3 things in life that make me smile and feel good they would have to be: traveling, laughing and love.  That’s it.  If I’m incorporating these into my life at any time, usually that’s a good thing.  What are your 3 words if you had to think about it?? It took me awhile to find words to describe what I want.  I’m glad I did, becuase it helps me to know if I’m on the right track, if I’m starting on “j” (yesterday’s blog!).

I thought of writing about simplisity today for a number of reasons.  There are some guys from Italy staying at our hostel who are so interesting to watch.  They love to cook.  They all cook together, and they are so graceful and gentle with each ingredient.  They are so passionate about FOOD and each other.  It’s comforting to watch.  These are manly men who are so intrigued and happy to just BE and cook together.  (I learned to spread olive oil onto vegetables on the barbeque with a stick of rosemary.  The flavors mix when the herbs fall off onto the veggies.. So good!  So simple!  Who needs utensils when you have rosemary?!).

Another form of simplisity was our yoga class at Sumudra today.  The class was so simple and structured but it was perfect for what I needed.  It kept the day rolling smoothly and feeling good (the pancakes started it all though Pook!).

I caught myself smiling in the afternoon when I was lost in my thoughts on the smooth waters standing on my paddle board.  At this exact moment, a buttefly flew right in front of me, even though I was standing about 300m from shore.  I remember a moment like this I had in Costa Rica while I was surfing.  I had smile burn marks from smiling so hard.  And at this time too, a butterfly just floated passed me almost like saying “keep smiling.  keep doing what you’re doing!”.  Paddle boarding has to be one of my favourite things to do.  Water.  I love the water.  I love being a part of the water.  I love laughing with a friend when I’m in the water.  Traveling in Australia.  That was it.  So perfect and simple.  SO SIMPLE!!!  And so much more fun when you Paddle board topless!  What?!!  Yep!  We always have to add a little fun into everything.  SO FREEEEEE!!!!  The beach was pretty quiet, so we thought what the heck.  Actually Melissa dared me and in 2 seconds the top was off.  She learned that I take dares quite seriously :).  We forgot about it until we got back to shore, and the teenage guy who rented the boards to us couldn’t really talk much to us.  His parents, I guess, who also owned the shop were talking away happily and then pulled out their binoculars to check out some people far away in the water.  That’s when we jetted as fast as we could out of there becuase we realized that perhaps they had seen their first topless paddle boarders close up and personal.  Oops!  At least we made their day, and we laughed our asses off while doing so.

Life is so simple!  Just do what you WANT (I’m learning still about this!) and add in some fun wherever you go and whenever you can.  Laughing is happiness out loud.

Here are some of my favourite pics as of recently!  I love Western Australia!!  I’m so glad we came over this way.  It reminds me so much of BC, and how I’m so lucky to live there because we really do have everything.  It seems that Australia almost does too :)

Life is good!

Smile with your heart!

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