Day 21 – Growing, growing, and still growing!

Oh man has this trip been one of GROWTH.  I almost need a break from it all!  I’m getting so overwhelmed!  Each and every day brings about somethign new to reflect upon and learn from.  Everyone seems to be a teacher.  Or is it beacuse I am ready to finally be a student of life?? 

My biggest lesson I am learning at this moment is to DO WHAT I WANT.  I am a caring, compassionate person who originally thought that it was a ‘nice and caring’ thing to accomodate for other people.  Wrong.  Melissa and I have discovered a clash in personalities when I do this.  It’s weird, because we live together and this has never come up.  We both noticed things in each other that were starting to get to us.  We had to have a good convo yesterday on the beach to talk it out.  Thank goodness for that akward conversation becuase today was SO MUCH BETTER.  We are able to laugh about things that piss us off about one anther, AND are able to help each other through it.  What a relief!  Refreshing.

I originally was going through life often accomdating to everyone in order to ‘make them happy’.  I believed that this was a good way to make each situation smooth.  Not the case.  I’ve learned through Melissa’s help to say “I want to do such and such”, and “I’m going to do this, do you want to come?”.   It sounds so simple, but for someone who’s never really spoken up, or felt that I REALLY did want to do things my way, it felt weird.  I felt that I had to re-learn how to live.  No joke.  It was an empty, scary feeling at first.  I admit I wanted to run away.  I didn’t realize that there are things I REALLY want to do.  This sounds crazy writing it.  But I have always just gone with the flow because I thought I didn’t care what I do.  Today, in saying what I wanted to do, it felt good.  I realized that YES I do want certain things, and I’m going to start making it happen. 

It hurts when we hear the truth sometimes, but it takes a couragous person to tell the truth.  So I’m grateful for my friends who are honest with me.  I want to learn.  I want to grow.  I want to become a better person.  We have thanked each other for pointing things out that weren’t too pleasant or easy to say.  It was akward and hard, but without communication life would be fake.  I want a REAL life.  I want truth.  So I choose to live it.  Thank you Mel!

Today we had breakfast at the most amazing place I think I’ve ever been.  There’s a place like this in Greece called the ‘Karma Lounge’ that I remember I loved on the island of Ios.  I would go back to that place just for the atmosphere of this one cafe.  Samudra is this place in Dunsborough, WA.  I hope to be able to post some pictures.  W-O-W.  It just feels like home.  Organic everything, yoga, surfboards, VW van as the counter for the kitchen, buddhas, books, good people,  yoga clothing, jewellry, plants, wooden everything, TOFINO.  It feels like a beautiful spot in Tofino.  We are staying here for one week, and a lot of that has to do with this beautiful place. 

This whole town is wonderful.  We drove to Margaret River today (about a 20 minute drive south).  Beautiful.  It was a little taste of the Kelowna wineries mixed with the town and scenaries of Victoria and Gabriola Island.  We both would come back here.  I REALLY recommend this place!  It’s so relaxing!  And beautiful!  We even found a tree with a heart on it.  Of course we stopped to take some pics!  I’m still looking for a kangaroo.  I found out where they hide out at sun rise and sun set, so hopefully in the next couuple of days I will be hijacking one and going for a ride! 

I have to share part of an email that Mandy sent me today.  It’s perfect for starting off the year positively and confidently.  Boldly.  Knowing where you’re headed.  Here goes:


What a Difference a Degree Makes – Alen Cohen
As you set out on a journey, the direction in which you are pointed at its outset makes a huge difference as to where and when you arrive at your destination. If you alter your course by one degree when you begin, where you end up could be changed by a hundred or a thousand miles.
So it is when you begin a new year. Be clear on where you want to go and you will get there far more rapidly and efficiently than if you harbor mixed intentions or take actions out of alignment with your true choices.
When touch-typing on a keyboard, the first step is to position your index finger on the letter J. From that point, your other fingers are aligned with the keys they are intended to press. Once your fingers are on the right keys, you can type for an entire session without having to look at the keyboard again.
If you place your starting finger on the wrong key. all of your other fingers are out of position and nothing you type will make any sense. The word hello will be printed as “jr::p” and love will come out as “:pbr”. Start at the right place and everything that follows will be coherent.
Take a few moments today to decide where you really want to go this year. Decide what material goals you which to achieve, but even more important, decide which inner experience you would like to enjoy. You may wish for peace, joy, self-honoring, harmony in your relationships, or a general sense of flow in all you do. When you are clear on what you want to experience, then think, write or speak your intention. Whe you statement resonates from within, you know you have your finger on the J. (love this Mandz!!)
You can have the kind of year you choose. This can be the best year of your life. A focused moment of thought today can make a difference of many miles when you reach your destination.
What would be thes best thing that could happen to you this year? How would you like to feel?
I claim my heart’s desire, and I choose my direction. I will attain my chosen goal.
Thank you for sharing that Mandy!  I love it!!!  I choose a year of SHINING.  Shining from the inside out.  I’m letting my heart shine this year.  Like it’s never shone before!  That feels good to know! 
Smile with your heart!  
This little heart of mine, I’m gonna let it shine.  Get ready 2011!!! 
P.s.  I have discovered yet ANOTHER hobbie within myself!  PHOTOGRAPHY!!  I’m loving this new camera and have learned a whole bunch from people along the way.  I’m finding myself drawn to all of the photography stores as well as taking picture after picture of EVERYTHING.  I HAVE to make this my life!!!  Somehow I will find a way :)  Life is good!!
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  1. LET IT SHINE, LET IT SHINE, LET IT SHINE!!!!!! Keep up the great blog!!!! Miss you!!! xo

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