Day 18 – A whole bunch of firsts!

Traveling definitely gets you out of your comort zone.  It was a first for me waking up at 5am to go for a run ON VACATION!!  Melissa is a go getter, sun rise chaser.  Me, on the other hand, not really.  I’m glad I got my butt out of bed though.  It did feel good running at really the only time of day you can here.  We went for coffee, ate some museli at the hostel then did a little yoga near the beach.  Tomorrow will be my first time ever teaching a yoga class!  I’m stoked!  A little nervous I have to say though, BUT I have always gained so much from doing things I love that scare me.  That open mic is right on up there.  I only have 3.5 weeks to get’er done!  It will happen!!

Let’s see.  Some more firsts on this trip so far: swimming in the Indian Ocean, booking a hostel ahead of time, and driving on the other side of the road!!!  We rented a car (her name is ‘Sun Set’, otherwise known as ‘Sunny’) to take us down to Margaret River tomorrow for New Years!  We’ve had a hard time finding accomodation everywhere we go, and the only car we could find was a little mini-me version of my dream of a camper van.  We bought a 15$ tent and some air matresses, and are ready for an adventure down the west coast of Australia.  Woohooooo!

There have been so many firsts on this trip, and we’ve found out tonight that there’s gonna be a whole lot more.  Melissa and I have challenged each other to 10 things that we know scares the crap out of each other.  We’re helping each other to get out of our comfort zone in areas that we might just need a little extra push with.  For me it’s everything to do with business and making things happen.  Making Taylor’s list is gonna be fun for me… hehe.

Traveling is tough some times!  But it’s so worth the personal growth you gain from it!!  I had a pair of cranky shorts on this afternoon today.  Couldn’t help it.  It’s so good though traveling with a best friend who gets you.  We just talked it out, and I realized I was bringing up past crap into current situations (anger-grief quakes when they are least expected SUCK).  No more of that thank you very much!  I think it’s just that there’s always so much change, so much adapting it can be overwhelming at times.  And a lot of the time, things don’t go as planned.  I’ve definitely learned patience from traveling.  If you don’t learn this virtue while traveling, you’re gonna have a hell of a hard time.  SO MUCH TO LEARN!!!  I love it!!!

Smile with your heart!

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