Day 16 – Giving IS receiving

We are in PERTH!!!  The west coast of Australia.  We just HAD to chase the sun.  And I’m so glad that we did.  I love it over here.  White sand beaches, smaller towns,  less expensive, less touristy and way more chill.  I could just plant my butt here for the whole time.  The best part of all, it’s SUNNY!!!  Up to 38 degrees, but it doesn’t feel hot.  It’s not humid.  It’s just perfect.  The wind feels so fresh lying on the beach.

THIS is paradise!

Melissa and I have been following our gut, letting our feelings lead the way.  Our flight into Perth was arriving at 11:00pm on Monday, so we decided to book our hostel ahead of time.  This was a first for me.  It actually felt nice knowing where we were going to sleep… until… the bed bug experience.  Yes, I saw a bed bug on my pillow as soon as we opened the door.  I know what they look like from working in the downtown east side.  Just for proof, I googled a picture of one on my handy iPhone.  Yep.  Bedbug.  Off we went.   Fast.  We were in search of another place to stay at 12:00 at night.  We thought about perhaps sleeping on the beach after discovering that the other hostel in town was closed.  We decided against the beach idea after Melissa said, “Well, I’d rather sleep on a bench.  That one over there looks pretty comfy”.  That was that.  We had a good laugh then settled in to a hotel for the night.  A little out of our price range, but we were desperate.  It was about 1:30 am, and Melissa had been flying for over 48 hours.  Crazy!  And still a super trooper!  One thing that can be frustrating while traveling is things like this.  You can’t really call them mistakes, but whatever you want to call them – you definitely pay for them.  It’s all part of the experience I guess.  And safety always comes first.

We woke up the next morning, and tried our hardest to rent a camper van.  No such luck.  Apparently this is the wrong time of year to be renting vehicles.  We then tried to find other means of transportation down to Margaret River, which is supposed to be an AMAZING surf town filled with wineries.  Again, no such luck.  So, instead of forcing this route which was obviously not happening for us, we hopped on a train and headed up about 20 minutes north to a town called Cottesloe.  We new there was a Lululemon in this town, so we figured we’d let that hunch lead the way.

As soon as we got there, we found the Lululemon store.  What friendly, amazing, kind people we met right away.  Already we felt we were part of a community.  Melissa and I had already planned on asking if we could teach a yoga class and lead a goal setting session.  They loved the idea!!!  In less than an hour, our event which is to happen in the morning of New Years Eve, was posted on the community board as well as on facebook.  We are leading a yoga class on the beach (half in the water!) and leading a goal setting/write inspiration on the store windows before hand.  What a great way to end the year!

We felt so good doing this.  Funny thing is, as soon as we offered to GIVE everything started to turn around.  No more bed bugs.  We met amazing person after amazing person.  We just started feeling on.  Things just started to roll in the right direction.  Funny thing though, the more you give, the more you are able to receive. And the more you are able to receive, the more you can give.  I believe they truly are the same thing.  AMAZING!!!

We really feel so good doing this for Lululemon, because they have impacted both of our lives in so many ways.  We are going to contact the store in Melbourne and Perth as well.  Dream boards, goal setting and yoga classes HERE WE COME!!  Funny thing is, the night before this happened I had a dream I was teaching a yoga class.  I woke up KNOWING that I have to become a yoga teacher.  I might as well start this Friday. :)

I’m learning SO MUCH on this trip.  How many times have I said that?  I think that so much of it is because I’m finally following my heart.  I’m letting myself be true to who I am and not giving a crap what anybody else thinks, at home or the people I meet here.  It truly is refreshing.  I’m going to need a mini lap top to continue sharing EVERYTHING I’m learning because it is getting overwhelming!  I’m wanting to share all of this growth because I think that’s what I’m meant to do!  Travel and write!  Inspiring along the way.  Done!

Smile with your heart!

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