Day 11 – ‘Happy Alone’

This is the title of one of my favourite Kings of Leon songs that was playing today on our way for a surf.  I guess it was kind of the theme of the day.  I’m LOVING this place.  There are more VW vans, headbands, barefoot backpackers, surf boards, hippie stores and coffee shops than you can shake a stick at!  Such a super chill, real, down to earth vibe.  Everyone just seems to be loving their life, in a happy but mellow sort of way.  It really does feel like Whistler in Tofino.  Same vibe as Whistler, but same scenery and surf stoke in the air as Tofino.  Last night we went to the Buddha Bar for an open mic, and out of the 8 or so of us, we had all lived in Whistler!  I’m loving it here.

Today Pookie and I took our time in the morning then headed for a mini bikeride before realizing that we were going to have to carry groceries back home, so decided to stroll into town instead.  We, unlike many people here, wore flip flops.  But I think I’m going to have to try this barefoot thing.  Looks pretty damn comfortable.  We checked out some hippie stores, I got a tarrot reading (I HAD to.  I’m in Byron Bay, land of the free spirits!), then we split a sandwich at Twisted Sister, which is Pookie’s favourite cafe, and now mine too.  Such an awesome people watching town.  It brings in all sorts.  Old, young, dread locks, posh, tie-died onesies, and girls handing out flyers wearing nothing but a string bikini top, booty shorts and santa hats.  All so random, but everything makes this place so unique.  Before coming here, everyone I told I was coming here was pretty much jaw dropped and said something to the extent of, “Byron Bay.  Man you are gonna love it there.”  And yes I do! 

After we got back home from our stroll, I’m not gonna lie – I had a cry.  So random.  I guess it just hit me that it’s Christmas in 2 days and I am alone.  The last two Christmas’s I spent with Murf, one in Sweden and the other with his family.  It just made me miss them all, and I guess it just hit me that I am with family I love HERE, but still feel so alone.  I was just having a hard ‘I’m single’ moment.  I knew this was going to be a hard few days.  Oh well.  That’s life.  The cry felt good, I admit.  And it felt good leaning on such a good friend.  Thanks for that Pook! 

I was in kind of a funk (in AUSTRALIA of all places.  I KNOW.  Get it together Twizzle!! – oh by the way, I’m known as “Twizzle” here – I intrduced myself s JT the other day, and nope, it’s Twizzle only says Pookie and Kev.  This is what they know me as, it would sound weird having them call me anything else!).  Kev got home, and it was either I go for a run and do a litte yoga or hop in Maxine (the van) and head for a surf.  Funky me, actally had to think about it, until Kev played the Beach Boys Surfing song – thanks for that push.  It was amazing out there in the waves.  I packed it in a bit earlier then Kev and did some yogz on the beach.  He got to swim with a bunch of dolphins!  Holy this place is magic.

So, Happy Alone is what I’m striving for.  I’m usually fine for the most part, but occasionally have a set back or two.  That’s normal.  It’s weird how as humans, we just adapt.  I was single for a looooong time before so feel completely comfortable being on my own.  But I adapted to being in a relationship, and so I have to re-learn some healthy habits.  Hence, 40 day hetox.  I’m almost at a month.  40 days to begin a new healthy habit!  Staying strong.  Happy Alone.  This is me.  I’m so excited to see how far I come during this 6 weeks of traveling.  My grandad said it best: Traveling is the university of life.  I love that.  Yes, it is.

Smile with your heart!

Love Twizzle :)

Ahhhh!!  Check out this forecast!!!  They’ve had a drought here for almost 10 years or something ridiculous like that, and now that I’m here, it rains.  It’s still magic though.  And at least we’re not dripping sweat.  Still surfing with only a rash gard!  YESS!!  Melissa bring a hoodie and a sleeping bag for camping!  4 more days till you are HERE!

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  1. I called him today, I feel so much better….it felt good to say merry xmas and wish him well. I feel like it was consuming my thoughts, instead of moving forward I was being held back. Hope your day is going well. I just finished training my last client. I now have 18 days off!!!!!! amazing thanks for encouraging me to take some time off. See you soon.

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