Day 10 – HOME in AUSSIE LAND!!!!

I’m HOME!!!  Well no, not really, but I’m with FAMILY in BYRON BAY!!!  Tofino meets Whistler in this little piece of heaven!  Pookie and Kev are my Whistler family, now in Byron!!!  Such a good feeling to be here with them!!!  It’s amazing how much people make a place.  I’m feeling back on again.  I knew I was close to it.  Life is grand!

We’re just about to head out to an open mic so I don’t have much time to write.  Just got back from a surf.  Amazing.  I was going to take a 12 hour train to get here, but thankfully Danna’s awesome flat mate looked up a flight for me, for the same price.  One hour.  What a difference!!  He gave me a lift to the airport, and 2 hours later I was in Byron!  Done!   I’ve met so many helpful, generous people on this trip.  It feels amazing to be continualy surrounded by love and support, in so many different ways. 

Time to enjoy my first open mic in one of my new favourite places in the WORLD!!!  This place definitely makes me want to maybe spend an extended time in Tofino, my magic place.  I love it there.  But I am HERE loving it NOW!!!  Life is good!

Smile with your heart!

Oh, and my relationship with Tim-Tam’s is coming along well.  It’s moving quite fast actually.  Hopefully it doesn’t last too long, becuase I sense it will be an unhealthy relationship.  Maybe I should move on to apples, or mangos, I hear they are good here. 

Will post pics tomorrow!!!  Pookie I’m so glad to be here!!!!!!  YeahoOOO!O!!

Quote of the day from Kev: “Everything in moderation.  Even moderation”.  DONE!

Smile with your heart!

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  1. music is in the air…I sang at the end of my yoga class last night. Glad to hear your back on. Should I buy my ticket to byronbay from here or wait till I get into sydney.

    • Yahoooo to yoga mic!!! That should be a new thing in van… YEsSS!!! You’ll have to buy a flight from sydney to brisbane. Jetstar is their cheap company here. Probably around 120$ or so. Then we will pick you up in Brisbane, Pookie and I!!! Let us know what time you will plan on being there!! And if you need any help planning it :) Oh, and bring a hoodie. I’t’s forecast to rain lots up here, but it’s still AWESOME!!!

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