Day 9 – Just riding the wave!

Literally!  Today we went SURFING!!!  I’m no longer a virgin aussie!  Finally!  (SURFER that is… c’mon now.  What did you think I was talking about ?!)  I didn’t last too long out there, and didn’t do too fantastic, but it was awesome just playing in the white water.  When Melissa gets here, we are one hundred percent going to do a week long surf retreat/lesson.  I’m stoked for that because I’ve never been able to surf very well only being able to get out in the water once a year or so.  I can’t wait!

So I know my blogs haven’t been too interesting lately.  I guess I’ve been super mellow.  Not really my happy self.  Which is okay.  Even when I see myself smiling in photos, something is missing.  I’m just gonna keep riding this phase out.  I guess I’m grieving the loss of it all still.  It feels good knowing though that this is only a phase.  I KNOW this has to happen in order for things to get better.  I’m not going to keep covering it up with keeping myself super busy.  Although, Danna has suggested I begin a relationship with Tim-Tam’s, which I’m being introduced to here tonight.  That’s the last thing I need, is to get hooked on chocolate!  But it will have to do! I’ve actually asked Melissa to bring me my favourite Caper’s cookies (and peanut butter bar from JJ bean- pretty please!!) because I’m in cookie denial! 

Things will get more interesting on this blog, I promise.  I’m just riding this wave out.  And if this wave was anything like the ones I was attempting to ride today, they were choppy and all over the place (or was that me that was all over the place?!).  It’s hard being strong.  But I’m sticking to it.  You all will know when my wave starts smoothing out.  And I have a feeling it’s gonna be pretty soon.

Aussie barbie tonight!  Danna has been AMAZING!!  Great group of friends, awesome neighbourhood (walking distance to the beach), and a super big comfy bed for two!  I’ve been more quiet than normal, so it’s been tough not feeling myself, espcially around such great new people.  Not for long though.  We all have our ups and downs, I’m just waiting for my wave to pop back up!  However long it takes, I’m enjoying each moment and just feeling it out.  I love who I am, so I’m allowing myself to just be in this funky mood.  No worries!

Trying veggie mite for the first time!!!

EWWW!!  What is this stuff!!!?!!!

Smile with your heart!

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  1. Hell yaaaa….surf camp can’t wait….have you found anything that looks good? JT have you hugged a tree lately? I think that is what you may have been missing. Alssooooo stop guessing all my surprises lol…I was already bringing you a treat from JJ bean haha. Do you want coffee as well….any way to make it there?

    yaaa can’t wait to be there! PS I got a text yesterday from him….I haven’t responded. Also I have been feeling the same way as you. Ride out the wave. See you soon.

  2. Tastes like nail polish remover right? Changed my name back to Evans from Meagher…life is grand. So proud of you…have fun!

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