Day 4 – Off to Explore SYDNEY!

I have to say I’m loving my time in Aus so far.  I really feel that I’ve made somewhat of a home here already.  I’ve met some amazing people so far and have been fortunate to be bunking with 3 solid girls from London.  I’m already known throughout the hostel as “JT-O”, since apparentely Aussies like to say “O” at the end of most words.  It feels good to have a feeling of community around me.  When I got back from my adventure day in Sydney, I walked into the hostel and heard, “JT!  You’re coming to Reggae night tonight right??”  Yeah I am!  And I’ve already made some new friends at the coffee shop near by.  For some reason, aussies are enjoying taking the piss out of me.  I’m just some gulible Canadian girl who seems to be asking to be laughed with.  It’s almost sad that I’m leaving Manly tomorrow.  I guess I’ll have to make some new friends along the way.  Building a community around me is one of the biggest things I learned from my ex, and I have to thank him for that.  I feel that wherever I go, I like to make somewhat of a family.  I like to feel loved.  I definitely am feeling that here. 

Sydney was awesome today.  I hopped on the ferry in the morning and headed on over, about a 30 minute ride.  Sydney is kind of like Vancouver/Victoria meets a mini version of London.  Cool city.  Beautiful too!  My advice from friends at the hostel was to get lost in the city.  And that’s just what I did.  No map. Just wandering aimlessly.  It turned out to be pretty eventful.  I stumbled across the Botanical gardens (which even dudes were recommending – pretty cool.  And Nanna I took some picture of flowers for you, I will send them!).  It was like Stanley Park and English Bay downtown Sydney.  It felt like home.  There was even a sign asking tourists to hug trees.  ASKING ME TO HUG A TREE!!  Of course I did!  I got some aussie bloke to capture it on film.  That definitely made his day.  I them stumbled upon the Sydeny Hospital (goal accopmlished!).  I spoke with a nurse for about 20 minutes of options in Sydney.  (For the nurses reading this, there IS a new-grad program which lasts one year.  A total of 4 placements in different areas.  And they start at 53,000$ a year, 8 hour shifts.  Not bad).  I then stumbled upon 2 luluemon’s.  Ahhhh, home!  And best of all, I only ran into ONE starbucks!!  That’s the first I’ve seen here, and love that they hardly exist!  Australian’s definitely love their coffee.  I’m appreciating their strong ‘long black’s (a.k.a. Americano).  I tried explaining to the barista today that we call them Candiano’s in Canada.  He didn’t seem to think so.  Whatever.

The major differnce between Vancouver and Sydney, was the copious amounts of MEN.  And I’m not talking just a random guy here or there, I mean GROUPS of men.  In SUITS.  Men in suits in Sydney is equivalent to women in Lululemon in Van.  EVERYWHERE.  I wanted to take a picture of a lineup for a sandwich shop.  17 dudes in suites.  No women.  So weird for me to see!  I thought it might look creepy if I snapped a picture, I wish I did though.  I’ve never seen anything like it!

It started pouring later on in the day, so I decided to head on back.  On my way back home I met Johannes, a really nice guy from Munich, who was also staying at the hostel I’m at.  We ended up grabbing a beer at the famous German pub on the waterfront in Manly.  I couldn’t pass up the opportunity of drinking German beer with an October fest Munich man himself.  So good!  It’s funny  because I found myself missing my friends from Europe today, since the town reminded me of England and Ireland.  And then, BAM, another amazing friend from Germany appears!  It’s amazing what you can attract!

I have to rest up now.  It’s reggae night, Aussie style.  I’m going to experience my first sip of ‘goon’ tonight.  It’s the cheapest wine there is, and they love it here.  It comes in a bag, and when you’re done drinking it, you can blow it up into a pillow.  Pretty hilarious if you ask me.  Life is good over here!

If you’re wanting to travel, but don’t have anyone to go with, it’s REALLY EASY travelling by yourself!  You really are never alone.  I recommend it.  I’m actually really enjoying it, but am STOKED to see Raf, Danna, Pookie, Kev and Melissa!  And travelling or not, it feels good to introduce yourself to the people around you – to go out of your comfort zone just a bit.  Hearing someone say your name is one of the sweetest sounds you can hear.  Make yourself known in your community!  It feels good to have people know your name, and to have people who genuinely care about you.  Try continuing to build a community around you!  It feels good!

Smile with your heart!

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  1. I am reading your BLOG YES ITS TRUE!!!!!

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