Day 3 – I am loving this life halfway across the world!!

I have officially arrived in Australia!!  I have to say, it really does fee like home.  I’ve never had this feeling before, of when the plane was landing my heart was no kidding, smiling.  It felt really good.  I’ve met so many kind people so far, many of whom have already told me that 6 weeks is not enough and that yes, I do indeed have to move here.  It’s also weird how I’ve given up being scared and feeilng lonely.  I’m not feeling this at all yet (i’m sure I will eventually).  It’s funny because I originally planned on doing this trip with my ex.  I knew that I’d feel safer with him here with me.  But now that I have LET GO of that attachement and feel myself giving off comfortable, confident and peaceful vibes, I feel safe.  I have learned that letting go leads to letting love in.  Here’s an example of me saying YES and letting love in:

Our flight was delayed about 10 hours last night, hence the restless sleep in YVR airport.  We were arriving into Sydney at 9:00pm at night, and I had no where planned to stay.  My orginial plan was to show up and take a ferry to Manly (during daylight hours) and then find a hostel to sleep in.  But this was going to be pushing it at night being a solo serinorita.  I asked around at the airport to some of the younger travellers which hostel (if any) they were staying at.  Some offered for me to come along with them, so that option was always there but it didn’t feel necessarily right.  (If you haven’t noticed, I travel based a lot on how I feel about each situation – I like this way of going with my gut!).  So as the plane was landing, the kind lady sitting beside me noticed my distress as I was asking her where she was staying.  She suggested the YMCA downtown, and then said, “well if you are up for it, I have a comfy sofa bed you are more than welcome to sleep on for the night”.  Wow.  What a nice gesture.  At first I said, “THANK YOU!  But I will think about it!”.  This is how I would normally do things (try to do it all by myself and say no), before having the goal of saying YES as much as possible, and actually RECEVING from people who want to help.  So I thought about it for about 20 minutes, then took her up on her offer.  She wouldn’t even let me help pay for the cab ride.  She told me to keep my money and spend it on my “adventure of a lifetime”.  I think it might be just that.  She offered me the comfiest bed (which I actually visualize sleeping in one just like it, as I was POOPED).  And the next morning she gave me breakast and drove me to the bus stop.  She actually insited that I spend a few more nights with her whilst I was in Sydney.  She was going to give me her house key!  What a nice lady!  Thank you Jill!  I decided to hop on a bus instead and head to Manly beach, where I’m at right now and LOVING IT. 

It’s funny though, saying Yes.  This is only a new concept to me.  I am tired of trying to do everything on my own.  I’m finding the more i am able to say yes and to receive, more love is entering into my life.  I realized after, that this ladies mother had just passed away and that’s why she had to make a trip to Vancouver.  So actually, we were both doing each other a favor.  I was there to listen as a caring individual, and she was there to look after this tired and close to being overly tired grumpy traveller.  I kept smiling though knowing that half way across the world, I was loved.  It felt good.

So say YES.  Receive when people offer to help.  It feels good!!!  I’m off to check out this town.  I’ve landed in somewhat of a Kitsilano town, Aussie style.  Thanks Mandy for the suggestion.. I’m loving it!  I’ll post some pictures later.  I might try paddle boardng today and then run on their 10km sea wall.  I think I’m in heaven!

Smile with your heart!

Oh, and thank you for all of the emails!!  We have some new 40 day challengers!!  Woohoooo!  Thank you for following me on my adventure!  I feel so loved!

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