Day 2 – My first official night sleeping in an airport

I bet you didn’t expect for me to be writing today since I’m supposed to be on my way to Sydney right now. Well, instead of this the adventure of my trip begins with sleeping at Vancouver airport! Apparently there is a plane here now but no pilot. Maybe it’s best we’re not flying then eh? I had a weird feeling about it anyways so this is better. It’s been delayed until 10am tomorrow morning. So instead of cabbing home (which I don’t even have the key to anyways) my night will include snuggling up against those comfy, purple airport chairs. Yippee. I guess this trip has already taught me it’s first lesson – patience. I didn’t want to be having to practice that tonight dammit! Oh well. Let the adventure begin!

And if anyone can tell me how to upload pics from an iPhone that would be fantastic! I’m apparently knew to this technology thing. Have a good day!

Smile with your heart. And please send some extra smile vibes for me this way please!

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  1. yaaaaaaaaaaaaa i luv it jen! u got my whole backing to put in ur back pack! i can feel it for u as well how AMAZING and RICH this experience will be for u! u rock sister! i am proud and luuuuuv that ur flying and landing where ur heart is taking u! ur inspiring me, and cant wait to read about the BEAUTIFUL places and people u will meet! yahoo! today i am thinking about the stone u gave me before i left to italy. i have it beside my bed. it says “DREAM”. I AM SENDING U ONE BACK WITH WORDS and MY HEART “LIVE UR DREAM!”xo!

    • LISA!!! I love you! I forgot about that rock!!! A good friend actually gave ME a stone before I left for this trip.. weird! Thank you for being there, I miss you!!! You have inspired me to do this by living your dream! WE HAVE TO!!! There’s no other way :) Love you Lisa!

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