Day 1 – 40 Day Challenge #2! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Today is the beginning of another 40 day challenge.  What a fantastic start I had today.  So much love is around me, I am so grateful.  My day started with a beautiful yoga class followed by a bennies breakfast at my favourite breakfast joint in Kits with Sylvia.  Mmmmmm bennies!  Thanks for helping me pack Syl!  I’m so surprised how little I’m actually bringing with me this trip! And I was able to fit my yoga mat IN my backpack.  Sweet!  Later on Clorinda came over and was just hanging out whilst I got all my last minute things together.  I love it when you’re so close with friends you can just hang out in the same room and not have to entertain each other.  It’s family.  I feel so loved!  Thank you for the mini vision board Clori!!  I’ve taped it into my journal.  I love it!

Melissa, Clorinda and I went to a coffee shop near by to write down our goals for the 40 day challenge.  I have to say, writing goals WITH people is awesome.  You begin to brainstorm other ideas and easily get excited with everything you are going to accomplish!  AND you become accountable. I only started with 4 goals this trip, but now I’m on to 12.  And they feel great.  This is going to be one life changing experience for me, I can just feel it.

I’m here sitting in my living room, Clorinda is on the couch and Melissa is playing her blissful music.  What a talented soul you are.  I feel so much love (have I said this yet?!).

These next 40 days for me, are going to be filled with love.  Self love.  I’m going to do things that make my soul soar.  My heart shine.  I’m going to feel the feelings of being alone, the happiness of meeting new passionate people and the peacefulness of just being and doing what I love.  I really feel that I’m on the break of greatness.   Something wonderful is about to evolve.  I hope you can relate to this feeling.  I haven’t really ever had it this much in my life  before.  I guess if you are following the path your heart desires, this blissful feeling is bound to pour out of you.  DO WHAT YOUR HEART WANTS!!  We really don’t know when this life will end for us.  We can’t just expect that tomorrow will come.  I’m beginning to live my life in the sense that I might not have all that much time left – I hope this doesn’t sound morbid, it’s not meant to – but being in the hospital has just helped me to realize how precious life really is.  So here is me embarking on my journey.  My self discovery.  I’m doing what I love.  I can’t wait to share all of my growth and amazing experiences with you.  Thank you for reading and helping to continually inspire me to do my best each and every day.  I am so grateful!

If you want to join me on this challenge, PLEASE DO!! And let me know if you do!  The people in my life who I know are joining me include: Melissa, Clorinda, Mandy, Dad, and Chrissy.  That is amazing!!!  One day soon I will create something on this website that will allow everyone to follow their challenges and have others help to encourage and inspire everyone.  I’m on to something I think!

Okay, it’s time to go pretty soon here.  Thank you Mandy and Melissa for driving me!  I’m actually getting a bit sad that I’m leaving my family.  I love you guys!!!  Thank you to everyone in my life.  See you soon Vancouver!  (No goodbyes – a patient once told me  to never say goodbye, rather to say “see you”).  See you!!!

Love JT

Smile with your heart!

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  1. mmmmm thinking seriously about this! lol! sounds like a blast!

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