Merry Christmas – Thiel style!

Tonight my family had our annual Christmas dinner. We always do it on the second Saturday of December so that everyone is sure to make it.  It gets hard in step families having so many places to go on Christmas, so this just makes it easier for all of us.  Good times, good food and lots of laughs.  Martini’s all around.  Every year.  The Thiel tradition.  My friends think it’s gross that I like straight up martini’s, I guess this is where I get it from!  Here are some pictures.  I can’t believe this is my LAST NIGHT in Vancouver!  AHHHH!!  I’m getting super stoked.  Not scared AT ALL!  Just excited!! Bring on AUSTRALIAN ADVENTURES!!!!


Random shot, yes I know.  This is how the Thiel’s roll.





Smile with your heart!

(& take silly pictures!)

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