Day 40!!! – WOW – I love this life!

This is all I can say.  Wow.  What an amazing 40 days.  I have never accomplished so much or felt so alive as I have in these past days.  There definitely were some challenging days, but coming to the end of this I am feeling AMAZING. Melissa and I followed through with our reward and had a hot stone massage at Spa Utopia.  My first ever, but definitely NOT my last.  I didn’t know that people actually massage your face, hands, forearms, feet, legs, scalp, WOW!  I feel so relaxed right now.  Melissa also bought me a going away/ Christmas/congrats present – I love butterflies!  Thank you!  At the bottom of this blog I’ll post the quote that comes with the t-shirt.  It’s printed all the way down the back.  I love it.  Perfect for us!!  What an amazing 40 days this has been!

Why 40 days you ask? Well, at the yoga studio they have a poster up answering this same question.  I curiously read it one day.  They suggest that it takes roughly 4o days to allow a habit to begin to feel natural, as well as to get rid of an unhealthy habit.  I definitely agree with this. At first, blogging everyday was a bit challenging.  Especially after working a 12 hour heavy shift.  But now, I would feel weird NOT blogging!  It has become something I look forward to at the end of my day.  I find myself becoming more aware of the events in my life and my surroundings so that I am able to discover something that might just inspire someone else.  I also have never achieved so may goals at once before. I decided to theme this past 40 day challenge as “gettin’er done”.  I had all these things I had always wanted to do but for some reason never got around to them.  I think a big part of it was making myself accountable to YOU!  So thank YOU for inspiring me to reach for my dreams.

Melissa and I have decided to continue with our 40 day challenges.  We’ve realized that there are 9 – 40day challenges a year (with a few days breaks!).  Why?  Well, basically I feel that I’ve grown so much over the past little while.  I’ve noticed leaps and bounds within Melissa as well.  She has said the same about me.  I was able to focus on my bigger goals, but mainly focus on what I want and need to accomplish RIGHT NOW.  40 days was an achievable and realistic time frame which took the pressure off of getting everything done all at once.  Soooooo, if you too have noticed more energy and presence coming off of my words I encourage you to try a 40 day challenge with me because there’s no doubt in my mind that you too will gain something so big from it.  We’ve decided to start our next challenge on Sunday (I will count correctly this time).  I’m going to theme this one “YES”.  I am only going to have 4 goals while I’m in Australia:

  1. Surf, practice yoga and say YES as much as possible
  2. Journal every day
  3. Blog a minimum of every other day! (I’m going to try hard for this!)
  4. Sing my own song at an open mic + another of my favourites

Please join us on the next challenge!  December 12 – January 20.  Try to have one scary BHAG (big, hairy, ambitions goal) in your challenge.  The vision board night was one for me in my last challenge, and this challenge I’m going to sing the song I recently wrote at an open mic.  How long have I been saying I’ve wanted to do this?!  Just get it done already!  Melissa is coming to Australia with me now for 2 weeks!!  I’m sure we will not have a problem finding some adventures.  This is going to be one amazing trip.  I can just feel it.

Also, thank you to everyone who has personally emailed me your awesome & outstanding goals you’ve achieved.  I love hearing from you.  It makes me feel that YES!  I am doing what I’m now realizing I’m best at – igniting the spark that’s already there. So thank you.  I’m learning so much about myself.  I have gained so much from this blog, you all can probably tell from how much growth and change I’ve gone through in the past little while.  Thank you for standing beside me :)

Thank you Luluelmon once again for the Rockstar hoodie!  I love it.  I feel like a rockstar!  And I’m starting to understand the potential I have inside of me.  Thank you for helping me see this!

Love this Life…

is about celebrating the moment and that we’re not guaranteed or owed another day, and how cool it is that what we hide can actually be the fuel towards our glory and that it’s not so bad being proven wrong.

Love this Life…

is about welcoming the blind turn and the possibility that there’s no such thing as coincidence and that empathy is incredibly sexy (i love that!) and that it’s never too late to pick up a guitar or a paintbrush or to make an amend or to make a new friend.

Love this Life…

could be about rekindling a past flame or igniting a new one or shapeshifting from a dreamer into a doer or savouring the caress of a love long gone.

Love this Life…

means whatever it is you want it to mean because is is a celebration of you and your path.

Love this Life…

‘cuz it could go at any second.  You rock.



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  1. CONGRATULATIONS! i am so in luv with your spirit, i cant wait to hear u sing! u ROCK jen!

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