VISION BOARD NIGHT!! Bucket List #50 – DONE!

THANK YOU to everyone who came out tonight to Lululemon.  I felt so loved!  You don’t realize it, but you coming out to become inspired REALLY inspired me.  So thank you!!  I feel that I received much more than I actually gave.  What a good feeling!  You know you’re on the right track when you’re doing things to help other people that actually lift yourself up.  Life is so good!!!  Here are some pics from the night.  THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!  It means so much to me!!  I hope you will become inspired by your vision boards!!!  YeaHHOOOO!!  And one more thing, thank you west 4th for the rockstar hoodie.  I love it!!  I am SO GRATEFUL!!!!

If you were wanting to come out but weren’t able to, don’t worry!  I’m pretty sure I’ll be doing a lot more goal setting clinics in my future.  It just feels right!


Smile with your heart!

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  1. ..this is not lucrative for me at all, but it’s lucrative for my heart. And jt, if you had a hand in changing my life, i wouldn’t be surprised.

    p.s my board is gangster, and one of the photos already came true.

    see you when you get back. have a blast in AUS. Surf’s up.

    • Wow, Alwyn, that’s DEEP!!! I love it!! you are awesome.. thank you SO MUCH FOR COMING!! It meant so much! Lets do a tofino trip when I’m back.. february! Plan it coach!! you rock.. see you in feb!! THANK YOU SO MUCH AGAIN!!! xx

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