Day 39 – Monday Funday!

Last night Melissa and I both went on dates. So random for a Monday night!  Monday Funday – who says the fun has to stop when the weekend ends?  With who you ask?  Not gonna say, but it was with a nice guy :).  We went to the Stanley Park Christmas train.  It was fun!  It definitely helped put my in the Christmas spirit.  I actually became a bit sad that I’m not going to be here for the holidays.  I guess the endless beaches and sun-kissed australian men are going to have to do ;).  Kidding!  Anyways, try to make it to the Christmas train.   You will be supporting the Fire Fighter’s Burn Fund.  Now you have to go!

Over the past few days I’ve been getting all of the little things ready for my trip.  You know, things like getting my aussie visa, aussie money, starting to organize my packing, and making sure everything is finished here before I leave.  I have my ticket, and there is NO DOUBT in my mind that I’m going. This is going somewhere, I promise. Now pretend YOU have a plane ticket to somewhere amazing. Your dream trip.  When you buy the ticket to this trip, you KNOW like you KNOW like you KNOW that you are going to be on that plane.  Right?  So what do you do?  You pack your bags and get everything ready because this is what you have to do before going somewhere.

Okay, now picture your BHAG (biggest, hairiest, ambitious goal).  Got it?  Good. Now, pretend that this is your plane ticket. You KNOW that you will be receiving that BHAG.  Since you now KNOW you are going to receive your BHAG, you start to FEEL already having it and you start taking the necessary steps to get ready for it!  That’s all you CAN do!  Be here now, and EXPECT you will get what you really want.  EXPECT IT!! You deserve it!

The reason I’m writing about this today, is because someone asked me last week, “aren’t you worried about being single?  I mean, aren’t you afraid you won’t ever find anyone?” What kind of question is this? You know what my answer was?  “HELL NO!!!”  There’s no doubt in my mind I will find a champion to share my life with.  NO DOUBT!!  It’s something that I really want eventually, so why should I waste my energy worrying about it right now?  Instead, I’m taking my necessary steps by working on myself and enjoying my life RIGHT NOW.  I KNOW I will be with someone, so I’m going to live up my single life while I can.  I don’t want to look back at this point in my life and regret not living it up.  Since I know I’ll meet my champion, I get to focus on me right now.  What a good feeling!!

And by the way, if you’re single, DON’T FRET IT!!  My counsellor assured me that only o.o1% of people will end up alone – and I’m sure a lot of this is by choice.  ZERO point ZERO ONE!!  No problem!  So live it up, RIGHT NOW!!  Enjoy your time by yourself, with your friends, learning, meeting new people, having new experiences – life is AMAZING!!  Reach out and grab it!!

This is a picture that my friend Raf took of the pool he works at in Bondi, Aus – I’m going to be staying with him for a few nights.  I am getting so excited!  5 more sleeps!!!

Smile with your heart!

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