Day 36 – No matter how you feel get up, dress up and SHOW UP!

Last night, I wanted to make out with my couch instead of getting dressed up and heading out for the night.  It was tough to get myself out.  I haven’t spent a lot of time alone lately and I was really wanting a night to myself.  I knew though that if I got my ass in gear, I wouldn’t regret it.  So that’s just what I did.  I put on some happy tunes, my rockstar heels and headed on out.  Karen had a Christmas party at her place downtown.  We have one every year.  Last year was the ugly sweater party at the Molson brewery.  Always a good time, wherever we go!  I was so glad I went.  It’s always so true though – GET UP AND SHOW UP!  You rarely regret it.  For those days where you’re really struggling to get out, try thinking about giving your time to your friends because you know that they would greatly appreciate seeing you.  Instead of just focusing on how YOU are feeling, maybe think about how everyone will have a smile on their face when you show up and light up the room :).

The party didn’t start rocking until we brought out the kareoke Christmas carols. (Who’s idea do you think this was??!) ESPECIALLY Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want for Christmas’ – it’s not Christmas until you hear this song!!  Well, for me anyways.  And you know what, I met a really nice GOOD guy last night.  Who knew!  If I hadn’t have shown up, I would have missed out on meeting someone really great.  I’m leaving for a long while, and I’m not interested in starting something new anyways.  BUT it was refreshing to meet a good guy who’s got his life together, who was genuinely interested in me and of course, good looking too ;).

Something I’ve noticed lately is that I seem to be this unavailable magnet for men.  All of a sudden.  So weird!  It’s like I have a stamp on my forehead saying ‘I’m single, but unavailable, so you might as well ask me out’.  WTH!  Why do we want things more when we can’t have them!  I was at the bar last night with the good guy, and as soon as he went to the washroom, another dude approached me and asked me out.  This stuff never happens to me!  And then today in Long and McQuade, a tall, handsome guitar playing man named Jared was chatting me up.  WHY does this always happen when you aren’t wanting it!!  It’s just a reminder to me that when you LET GO of wanting something, it just comes flooding in.   Anyways, it’s just weird that all of a sudden I’m getting asked out, A LOT.  It feels good I guess.  Finally the men in Vancouver are letting their balls drop! FINALLY!  Yeeeyhawww!!

I woke up this morning and actually said out loud, “oh man, I drank way too much last night”.  Oops!  This celebrating thing is definitely in full force.  It was a rough start to my day, but I have to share my hangover cure which everyone thinks I am crazy for. 3 solutions (you’re not going to like them): hike the grouse grind, snowshoe run or kickbox.  I did just that.  I kickboxed the shit out of it.  I felt WAY better, and was able to enjoy adventure day with Clori!!  I’ll post a bunch of pics from that tomorrow, too tired right now!!  There’s so much to do in Vancouver!

Listening to Mariah Carey Christmas and heading to bed.  It was a GREAT day!  Life is good :)

Smile with your heart!

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