Day 35 – Make a vision board!

I have been making vision boards for years.  I first got the idea from watching the movie ‘The Secret‘.  Friends who know me well, know that whatever I put up there is guaranteed to happen.  It’s actually kind of crazy.  I believe that it’s so important to BELIEVE in what you desire.  KNOW that you will bring it into your life.  A vision board helps to do just that.  All you have to do is get a bunch of magazines and start clipping out pictures of things that inspire you.  Things you might want: a healthy relationship, love, job, fun, adventures, a car, a home, you name it!  This is YOUR DREAM BOARD.  No one else’s. You get to put your dream life in front of you.  That is my favourite part about creating a vision board: it feels so inspiring just looking at it.  And in looking at it everyday, you start to develop the feelings of HAVING what you want.  You being to FEEL this dream life!  Call me crazy, but it works for me.

You don’t have to go out and buy a bunch of magazines either.  I’ve gotten in the habit of collecting free magazines and posters wherever I go.  I have a bag which I put them in, and they’re ready for me when I want to make a new one.  I guess I make a new board every 6 months or so?  You will notice things starting to appear in your life and you might just think, ‘holy smokes this actually works!’.  Then you’ll start adding more to it, and maybe change your goals a little.  It’s a continual process.  And it WORKS!

I’m leading a vision board/goal setting night at Lululemon on West 4th this coming Thursday night (December 9th) from 8-9:30 pm.  It will be a night of inspiration – and the best part is, is that you get to take that inspiration home with you on a poster board.  Bring some scissors, some tape, some magazines to share and a poster board (you can get them at the dollar store for 99cents).  If you don’t have any of these, just show up and we’ll help you out.  I’d love to have some support there, so please come out!  It will be a fun night!!!

Here’s a picture of my DREAM BOARD!  I’ve sort of sectioned it off into career, travel and relationships.  It doesn’t matter how you do it, as long as it’s meaningful to you.  And I really recommend putting it beside your bed so you can see it everyday.  If you look at it right before you fall asleep, it is the best time because you will subconsciously be seeing it as you drift away.  You can even have a bunch of pictures on your desktop, or even a list of things you want (if you’re not the scissor/magazine cutting type).  Anything works!! You just have to believe you really can have your dream life.  Start creating it right NOW!

Smile with your heart!

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