Day 30 – Feed the Squirrels!

They are hungry!!!  Feeding the squirrels in Stanley Park has been a tradition of my dad and I for years.  We just say, “want to go feed the squirrels?” and we both know to put on some walking shoes and head out for a good long walk through Stanley Park. Today was COLD!  The squirrels were definitely hungry.  Usually they run away and hide the peanuts, but today they were pigs and chowing down.  There were some fatties out there!  They’ll climb up your leg if YOU are brave enough, and in no time you’ll be surrounded by them.  This little bugger decided that my finger looked better than the peanut, luckily he didn’t bite hard enough.  It hurt!  Find a bench and just hang out.  It’s actually really peaceful :).

All you have to do is grab a bag of peanuts (at the Safeway on Robson you can get a big bag for 3.50$), and head on out to Stanley Park on a cold day.  Anywhere you go inside the park you are guaranteed to find some hungry squirrels, hungry crows, hungry seagulls, curious dogs, and even eager strangers who are keen to borrow some of your nuts to feed the animals themselves.

Unfortunately for all of these guys, we usually eat half the bag to ourselves.  Everybody is hungry!   This has always been one of my favourite things to do on a cold winter day.  I really recommend it.  Thanks dad for the walk!

Smile with your heart!

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