Day 29 – Who needs orgasms when you have FRESH POWDER!!!

HAHAHA!  Fresh powder is one of the BEST FEELINGS in the world!!!  It is definitely one of my happy places – to be snowshoeing or surfing on fresh powder. Ahhhhhh. Nat, Melissa, Mandy and I went up to Grouse this afternoon for our first snowshoe together of the season. AMAZING.  This is the first year we all won’t be working up there.  We’ve been snowshoe running guides for almost 10 years. Melissa and I met lifeguarding at the pool, and she convinced me to work at the mountain as well.  We met Mandy, who was also working at Grouse, and Natty Ice came shortly after that.  JC used to guide up there too back in the day – we missed you today!  I love these guys!!!  Do what you love and you will undoubtedly meet fantastic people!

I can’t believe there is this much snow in November!  It really did feel amazing up there today.  Fresh powder, amazing friends and busting a gut laughing the whole time. There’s something about putting these funny shoes on your feet that makes you feel like a kid.  You just feel unstoppable. You can jump, run, fall, slide, face-plant… and it’s all FUN.  Try snowshoeing this winter!!  I’m sad I wont’ be here for a lot of the winter because I’m going to miss out on the snow, especially on days like this.  I have to make sure I get on my board before I head over to the land of surf and sand!

If you haven’t ever tried snowshoeing before, no worries.  The first time I tried it, I actually put them on backwards.  And this was my first day of work as a guide.  Oops. So don’t worry, you can’t really screw up more than that.  They are super light and small these days, so it feels like you’re hardly wearing anything.  You can wear regular runners too.  Just make sure to wear warm socks and maybe bring an extra pair for the ride home because they will likely get wet.  Here’s some info for drop-in nights, which always bring about a vibrating, energetic atmosphere and awesome, inspiring people.

  • Grouse Mountain: Mon/Wed nights at 7:00.  Try to catch the 6:30 tram at the latest. You can rent shoes at the top for $10.  The tram ride up is 40$, but if you have a grouse grind pass it is free.
  • Seymour Mountain: Thursday nights at 7:00.  Drop-in run night put on by ‘The Yeti’. One of THE best workouts you will ever have.  $10 + extra to rent snowshoes.  The Yeti also hosts 3 races a year which are awesome.  Great workout and even better people.  You burn DOUBLE the calories running with snowshoes.  Guaranteed buns of steel by the end of the season – you’ll be able to bounce a tennis ball off it I promise.
  • Cypress, Squamish & Whistler: Both Whistler and Cypress have snowshoe parks. You can buy day passes and head on out.  There’s also snowshoeing in Garibaldi Park in Squamish.  Parking is 5$ (honor system).
  • Mount Washington & Dakota Ridge (Sunshine Coast) – some more places to explore!  I’ve not yet been to these places, but it’s on the list!

Side note: always bring a first aid kit, water, a phone, some extra layers, a small snack and a headlamp.  Tell someone where you’re going, and when you plan on being back.

If you decide to try anything new this winter, PLEASE try snowshoeing.  Do it for me at least!  And let me know that you tried it.  It is one of my favourite hobbies.  That’s the one reason I know I won’t stay overseas for good.  I love playing in the outdoors in all types of weather. Powder days are my favourite, especially days with blue skies & full moons.  My favourite view of the entire city is from the top of Dam Mountain, which you get to by starting at the top of Grouse.  You can turn 360 degrees and see a phenomenial view from every point.  Today it was too cloudy to see anything, so I’m going to have to go back before I leave.  I love it that much.  We will be out the first Wednesday Grouse opens for snowshoe drop-in nights, which is December 8.  I hope to see you there!

Me and the Quinn-man are hanging out tonight.  I am the responsible baby-sitter for the evening.  I LOVE him!  I’ve been chilling out a lot lately.  Haven’t had a ton of energy lately, I think I’m getting sick.  I’m listening to my body and am staying put!  This social butterfly needs a break, and is loving it.  BALANCE!  Have a safe Saturday night!

Smile with your heart!

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