Day 28 – Go through your closet!

I was feeling kind of down today, not able to do too much.  I just felt like laying low. That’s the nice thing about having a roommate because there’s often that friday or saturday night when you both just feel like staying home and hanging out.  Tonight was one of those nights.  We went to yoga together then came home and for some reason got inspired to go through our closets.  It’s SO helpful to have a second opinion before giving something away.  It felt really good!  And now looking at my closet, I know that what is in there, I really do like.  Everything in there makes me feel good.  Another bonus to going through your closet is that you know what NOT to buy more of.  I know that I do not need any more hoodies or t-shirts!  Stay away!  It feel so much better to have less.  Less really is more.  AND another great thing is that the Salvation Army gets to sell these clothes and provide support for people in need.  Everybody wins.

Before I leave for my trip, I’m trying to downsize my life as much as possible.  If I could fit everything I owned in a backpack, that would be FANTASTIC!  But that’s not the case. When you have as many hobbies as someone like me, it’s definitely not the case. :) Giving is one of the best feelings you can receive.  Funny, you actually receive when you give. Hmmmm.  Give.  Then give some more.  When you de-clutter and downsize your life you make room for SO MUCH MORE.  (And not necessarily material things).  The less you are attached to, the better.  Buddha teaches that suffering is caused by attatchment.  Just think of how much easier things become when we are able to LET GO.  To not remain attached.  It’s a breath of fresh air.

Let go of your attachments!  Downsize your life!!  The simplicity it brings will help you to feel lighter and free.  And you get to GIVE to someone who is in need.  An added bonus!

Smile with your heart!

P.s. We’re going to be handing out socks soon to the homeless living in the downtown eastside.  If you have any extra socks/gloves/toques/warm sweaters to spare, they would be greatly appreciated!

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