Day 26 – Make the most of your least favourite tasks!

My least favourite part of camping definitely happens to be when I get home from the trip.  Everything is wet, needs to be taken out of the bags, hung to dry, there’s stuff everywhere, you name it.  It’s not fun.  I REALLY don’t like setting up the tent to dry since it takes up the entire living room most of the time (hence the pic).  After setting it up (which only took about 5 minutes – so why was I procrastinating?)  I actually liked seeing it, and Melissa said the same thing.  I wanted to go camping AGAIN!  Maybe somewhere warmer this time though, since I was ridiculously sore for about 3 days from snowcamping. Melissa and I came close enough to camping by hanging out in it tonight for a bit.  If you want a guaranteed smile and some good laughs, set up a tent in your living room. You feel like a kid as soon as you crawl in! I’ve blogged about this before, it’s that good!  We made the most out of our squishy living room right now by chilling out in the tent.  So fun!

Usually those daunting tasks, which we tend to procrastinate about, aren’t really all that bad.  Try to come up with a way to make these things enjoyable.  And when they’re done, you always feel ten times better!  Maybe even sleep in a tent in your living room!  Kids love this!  (And adults too of course :)).

Smile with your heart!

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