Day 8 – GENIUS! (I realized I missed this day!)

Oops!  I guess I got a little too excited at the beginning of my 40 day challenge, and missed Day 8.  I realized this at yoga this morning when I thought – oh, their calendar countdown must be wrong? – nope.  Oh well.  So here’s Day 8 :)

Here is a link to a TED talk by Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love (which I’m almost done reading for the 3rd time). Just click on the picture of her with Oprah and it will take you there.  She gives an inspirational talk about the impossible things we expect from artists and geniuses. She shares the radical idea that, instead of the rare person “being” a genius, all of us “have” a genius.  She explains that back in the day in Ancient Rome & Greece, people believed that creativity did not come from human beings, but rather from a divine spirit to the human being from an unknowable source.  Like a vessel.  They called this creative spirit a “genius”.  During the Renaissance, a big idea came out of rational humanistic thought which began to put individual human beings at the centre of the universe.  The ego evolved.  People started to believe that creativity came from the self. We started to hear people say “what a genius!” rather than “having a genius”.

She further gives examples of this idea with creative people.  One example involved a famous poet who said that she would FEEL and hear a poem coming at her, and she knew she only had seconds to get to a piece of paper and grab a pencil to write it down. Another example is when we see a performer who is just IN IT, as I would call it.  You get goosebumps.  Something about their performance is unexplainable.  It’s as though they are lit from within; lit up on fire with divinity.  In the olden days, people would chant “allah, allah, allah” when they saw such a thing – acknowledging the genius moving through the individual.  This chant has been passed down since and has now come to be “olay, olay, olay”, commonly chanted at sporting matches.  Interesting eh?

This TED talk made me think.  The reason I chose to write about this, is because I too have brushed up against this feeling.  One night, I woke up at 5:00am and I just HAD TO WRITE.  It was the weirdest, most magical feeling I’ve ever had.  What I wrote that day seemed to just flow off of my fingers.  Reading back to what I wrote, I sometimes wonder, “wow, did I acutally write that”?  It seems to happen more and more, and I almost wait for this feeling before I write anything.  I find that practicing yoga or going for a run before I decide to write helps me to feel this inspiring feeling.  I can feel the difference when I’m forcing it.  When I’m just showing up.

We all have special talents.  We all have strengths.  We are all here to share our talents, to share what we are best at.  Become aware of these in-spiring moments.  To be inspired, comes from the words “in spirit”.  Hmmmm.  I think Elizabeth Gilbert might just be on to something.  The more we become aligned with peace, love, and stillness within ourselves, the more we will become inspired, or in-spirit.  Everything is related!  So do what you love.  Keep showing up.  If you’re able to experience this divine feeling, then olay. :)  If not, keep showing up.  Dance your dance anyways.  Don’t expect to feel this feeling everday, but be ready for it when you do, and maybe start to think about this genius-ness coming from something outside of ourselves.  Something so much greater. It’s just something to think about :)

Thanks Sheeners for posting this on my facebook page!

Smile with your heart!

p.s. If you dare to try running in this FREEZING COLD weather, koodos to you!  BUT, for all of the women out there (and men if you REALLY are concerned), I really suggest throwing underwear lines out the window and rocking out your full backs in your luon. Good ol’ granny panties if you like. Actually, it is a must.  I think my bum almost froze off today!  Just a tidbit of info for you :)

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