Day 24 – Tune your focus out of fear and into POSSIBILITY

I went to see my Naturopath yesterday, and thought I’d share the one thing I really took from it.  I’m feeling a little overwhelmed with life lately.  I seem to have so many endings and new beginnings coming up all at once – which are all starting to scare me.  I’m beginning to feel the real-ness of this transition I’m in.  I didn’t realize that I had such a great fear of my future until it just sort of came out in our conversation.  Sure I’m ridiculously excited about having such a blank canvas to paint my life upon, but with that much room for change and growth comes the fear of the unknown (in me anyways).  Her advice was to imagine my fear as a tiny dot in the distance in front of me.  I now have a choice: I can either focus all of my attention on that one measly little dot (fear) OR I can focus on the unlimited, infinite amount of possibility that lies around it, that SURROUNDS it.  I instantly felt better picturing this image. There is so much MORE than what we think is a big frickin’ deal!

I know personally, I find myself worrying about something and not being able to think about anything else.  I then start to create feelings in myself that do not feel comfortable and do not align with my positive intention.  Now, I’m learning to become AWARE of what my fears are and then realize that in the grand scheme of things, they are such tiny, MINUSCULE fractions of the amount of possiblity that lies in front of me.  I choose to believe in and create a future of possiblitiy :)

Smile with your heart!  (Thanks Dr. Alexina!)

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  1. i feel u here. great advice let the fear be a drop and the wave uv possibility just open up our vision. thankuuuu

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