Day 23 – Here’s what you need to try backpack camping!

Overnight camping is hands down my favourite hobbie.  I know how intimidating it looks, so I thought I’d try to convince you otherwise so that you might try it one day!!  Once you have all the gear, it’s pretty much free.  I’ve gained a lot of my gear over the years, and now I’m set.  At first it was a bit expensive, but I recommend spending a bit more money on the better quality things, rather than buying something that won’t last forever.  The basics that you need are really simple.  Here’s a list of what I suggest you might need. The starred ones are necessary :)  Oh, and if you hike to a place like Elfin Lakes, they have cabins you can stay in which have heat, a stove and light – so no need to bring up a tent!  Here’s my list :)

  • *backpack
  • *sleeping bag
  • *H2O (camel packs are great)
  • *thermarest (mattress)
  • *first aid kit
  • *head lamp
  • *swiss army knife
  • *layers of clothes (apparently 5 is not enough for snowcamping!)
  • *bear spray + whistle
  • *extra rope (to hang food at night if there’s no cabin)
  • *pots/stove + fuel/cutlery/liquid soap/dishwasher scrubbie (if cooking)
  • *FOOD!!  Warm food is always appreciated :)
  • hiking boots
  • snowshoes + gloves/toque if snowcamping
  • tarp for under the tent in wet weather
  • water filter for hikes longer than 1 night
  • Coffee (this is my necessity!)

Easy Peesy!  Here’s just a few pics of Mike and I on our adventure.  Whatever happened to the other lifeguards, I don’t know.  But you missed out!  Next time!!!

I forgot to mention where we went.  Elfin Lakes in Squamish.  There’s a cabin there with a bunch of bunks.  You pay 10$ at the bottom (honour system) if you camp in the cabin, and 5$ if you’re daring enough to sleep in a tent!  We apparently were :)  Have fun!

Smile with your heart!


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