Day 20 – Make a GOAL BOARD!

I spent a few hours brainstorming and writing down my goals today.  It was challenging sitting down and doing it, but now that it’s done I feel AMAZING!!!  Writing down goals is SO IMPORTANT!!!  I’ll just take you through the process that I use to create my goals – inspired by Adam from Imagine 1 Day/Lululemon!!  Thank you for inspiring me!!  I’m going to guide you through it – right now.  It can be an exhausting thing to think about writing your goals, but TRUST ME!!  JUST DO IT!!! RIGHT NOW!!!

First, get out a notebook or your computer and sit in a place that you feel inspired. Maybe make a cup of tea, put on some relaxing music, and find a comfy spot on your couch.  Or maybe even a favourite coffee shop :).  Now begin with asking yourself these 7 questions.  Don’t allow yourself more than 1 minute for each. Throw the reality part of your brain out the window, and REALLY dream BIG!!  Nothing is holding you back here. Just let your pen barf out anything it possibly can!  Ready? Here we go:

1.  What do you value most in life?

2.  What are your 3 biggest goals right now?

3.  What would you do with 1 Billion dollars? (Think BIG HERE!)

4.  What would you do if you had 6 months to live?

5.  What are you afraid to attempt?

6.  What gives you your greatest feeling of importance?

7.  What is one thing you would do if you knew you couldn’t fail?

Now that you’ve got the wheels turning, spend another 10-20 minutes creating your 10 year DREAM VISION.  At the top of your page, write My ____ vision (with your age). Here’s some things to think about when you’re dreaming this up:  Where are you living? Who are you surrounded by?  How much money are you making?  What is your work? Where are you vacationing?  What is your health like?  What are you doing for fun? What is your contribution to the world?  FEEL IT!!!  Be descriptive!  For example, I have a vision of a beautiful, 3 bedroom spacious home in North Vancouver beside a river, in the trees overlooking the ocean, with an open, inspiring, massive kitchen with friends and family always over for dinner!  (Easy to visualize right?  Now picture me in that kitchen!  That’s what it should feel like!)

Now comes the more challenging part of your goal setting, but the most important. Come up with specific goals for your 10 year vision in these 3 categories: Personal, Career & Health.  Once you’ve got at least 2 goals for your 10 year vision in each category, start to work BACKWARDS (this was a key for me – it makes it feel more realistic).  Write 2 goals in each category for your 5 year vision, and then write 2 more goals in each category for your 1-2 year vision.  WRITE THEM DOWN!!! You will feel so good after doing this!!

Here’s just a few tips for writing down your goals (many of these are inspired by Adam!)

  • if you are achieving 50% of your goals, you are on the right track.  If you are achieving more goals than this, you might not be challenging yourself enough.
  • Make your goals “t-shirt goals”.  Specific enough that you could write them on a t-shirt or even a bumper sticker (I’ve actually done this!  And it happened – no joke!)
  • Write your goals in the PRESENT TENSE.  “I am” or “I have”.
  • Write a few goals per category, so that you will feel good in achieving at least one of your goals if you decide to change your path.
  • TELL PEOPLE about your goals!!  Become accountable for them!
  • Aim to brainstorm and re-write your goals 4 times a year (If this is your goal, it’s likely you’ll do it 2 times a year, which is AWESOME!)
  • And most importantly: KNOW that you will achieve your goals.  Be SPECIFIC. BELIEVE that you will achieve it.  Adam used this example that I really liked.  If you were to go through a drive through and order a diet coke & a chicken burger, you KNOW what you’d be receiving at the next window.  If you were to order say, “some type of drink, and some food perhaps”, you wouldn’t know what to expect at the next window.  BE SPECIFIC and know what to expect when you get there!

Here is a picture of my GOAL BOARD that I have created!!  A lady suggested making this at one of the Pop-Fit goal setting sessions I went to.  Thank you for inspiring me!  I’m going to put it somewhere I can see it everyday.  I used sticky notes because goals are continually changing.  This way, I can adjust them when I start becoming inspired on a different path.  One of the neat things about writing specific dates of when you will achieve your goals, is that for the majority of the time, they happen MUCH SOONER than you think.

Have fun with this!!  If you do end up writing down your goals, and perhaps making a goal board, please email me so I can share with everyone else how much of a difference it is going to make in your life!!!  TRUST ME!!!  I’m going to be adding my goals to the “MY GOALS” section of my website if you want some examples!!  And please email me for any questions you might have.  I LOVE helping people with their goals!!!

Smile with your heart!

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  1. Thank you for your post. So inspiring.

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