Day 18 – Listen, Listen, Listen

The best gift you can give someone is to LISTEN. And not just sitting there beside someone pretending to hear what they’re saying listening, but actually paying attention and ACTIVELY listening.  There’s a difference!  A huge part of our nursing program (almost waaaaay too much) was on building therapeutic relationships with our patients.  We actually had classes on how to listen. No joke.  It takes practice.  I like it when I’m telling a friend something and they paraphrase back to me what I’ve said.  Something like, “so let me get this straight, what you’re saying is….”.  It doesn’t sound like much, but it is a huge gift.  Today, try avoiding statements beginning with “I”, and focus on listening.  Ask questions.  Try not to interrupt when someone’s sharing something (I REALLY am trying to work on this one!  I get so excited!)  Be genuinely curious about what people have to say.  Their stories and thoughts will create bonding moments that will only enhance your life more.

Smile with your heart! – Listen with your heart too :)

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