Day 17 – Sometimes all you need is a burger, some apple pie and a good cry :)

Trying to stay awake!I got home from my night shift around 7:30 this morning and was happy to see that Melissa was awake.  I happily agreed to go grab a coffee with her since I wasn’t feeling all that tired yet.  Our coffee turned into a super early Sunday morning walk, which turned into relaxing at Arbutus coffee shop enjoying a honey granola muffin (which sell-out early in the morning, so we had to reserve it! no joke!) and then a drive up to Whistler to go SNOWSHOEING!!!  Sleep?  Who needs sleep when there’s so many fun things to do on a Sunday!  Without really looking at the forecast too seriously, we were soon rocking out to Eddie Vedder and Mumford & Sons on the Sea to Sky Highway.  So many of my favourite things ALL AT ONCE!!   It was almost too much to handle. :)

Note to self: determine if there is snow before driving to Whistler to go snowshoeing, and remind Melissa to bring her snowshoes.

We ended up just walking around the village after getting laughed at for trying to find some snow to play in.  Apparently, Whistler is not quite ready for us yet.  It will have to wait!  I love that we can so easily just drive to Whistler for the day. What an AMAZING place that we live in!!! We walked around for a bit, took some pics, then let our stomachs lead the way to my favourite burger joint in Squamish.  The Eagle Spot in Brackendale!  There were about 50 eagles flying around!  You have to check it out since this is the time of year where you will see the most eagles.  Awesome!

After slowly eating my favourite burger so as to make sure I enjoyed every single bite, I of course ordered some apple pie.  I think I was getting so tired at this point I needed extra sugar to help keep my eyelids from permanently shutting.  We were both pretty tired on the way home, so the car ride was quiet.  It’s nice to have friendships where you don’t have to say a word.  It feels good.  I always seem to think a lot on that drive.  I realized that I hadn’t had a good cry in a long time.  Just then, it came pouring out.  Funny thing is, it actually felt really good.  I realized that I haven’t really grieved the loss of my past relationship yet.  I’ve just been keeping myself super busy, which isn’t necessarily such a good thing.

I was so grateful to have Melissa sitting beside me.  I can’t tell you enough how amazing it felt to have her there, just letting me cry.  She’s been so patient with me.  Listening to me talk about the same stuff over and over again like, “I just want to call him”, or “I feel really lonely right now”.  It feels good to open myself up so much to my friends.  I’m definitely realizing how much love I have around me.  I’ve been trying to be strong this whole time, but it’s actually feeling better to just let go.  So here’s me being as real as I can be and letting go.

If you’re going through a rough time, it will make you feel better to have a friend you can share your vulnerable feelings with, to open yourself up completely without any judgment.  And your friends will most likely feel so happy to be there for you.  We all like to feel that we are able to help.  Sometimes all we need is someone to sit beside us and just listen.  Nothing needs to be said.

It felt good to have a cry.  Crying is healing. My counsellor always makes sure to let me know this.  I felt more real when I let myself be so sad in front of a close friend.  It was a learning opportunity for me to strive to become more real and to not hold anything back. Melissa even told me how much better I looked after letting it out.  And I believe this, because I felt a million times better.  Tomorrow is another day :)

Smile with your heart.  (And have a good cry whenever you need – it’s healing!)

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  1. There is snow at around 1400m and lots at 1600m :)

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