Day 15 – Do something at LEAST once a day that scares you!

Challenge yourself!!  Try something at LEAST once a day that puts you out of your comfort zone.  I’m so proud of my dad! After all these months of Chrissy and I encouraging him to try yoga, he finally took the plunge!  My dad mentioned to me that him and Chrissy were going to try a class together last night, and asked if I was able to go.  I couldn’t miss this!!  So I rushed home after work, showered off the hospital smell, grabbed my mat and off we went.  It was actually pretty cool doing Warrior II, 3 Thiel’s in a row.  Pretty powerful :).  Don’t give up on the people you love with encouragement!  Just keep plugging away at what you love, throwing hints every so often. When they are ready, they are ready.  Not any time sooner than that.  Way to go Dad!!!

Do something that makes you a bit uncomfortable EACH day!  Today, mine was as simple as trying a pretzel-y yoga pose I’ve never tried before.  I smiled while doing it because it was a stretch to get there and it was actually kinda fun.  Strike up a conversation with the stranger in the elevator, say hi to someone walking past you on the street or the person beside you in the grocery line up.  No, these things necessarily aren’t “scary” per se, BUT you might not normally go out of your way to do it.  Soon, these scary things that you’re trying will become natural, and the uncomfortable bar will be raised to higher limits!  You will always be challenging yourself and growing from it!

Today after yoga I was at Capers getting my well-deserved cookie when a cute man ;) came up to me and started chatting to me, and eventually asked me if I wanted to go for a coffee.. BALLSY!  Really, though, it takes courage to go up to a stranger.  I thanked him and told him I really appreciated him coming up to me, and I did.  It takes courage.  It helped inspire me to write this blog.  I said no to the coffee date (in case you were wondering – not ready yet) but felt inspired to perhaps start raising my ‘comfortable bar’.  Next time I might just say ‘yes’. :)  WHY NOT do things that scare you??  It’s a thrill!  The worst that can happen is that you learn from it, which will only make you stronger.  Life is so cool!

Enjoy your weekend!  I’m off to 2 night shifts in a row.  Fun times.  Oh!  A few friends mentioned to me how smiling before they got out of bed TOTALLY CHANGED THEIR DAY!!!  One friend asked, “do you seriously do that?”… yep!  If you haven’t tried it yet, smile before you get out of bed tomorrow and tell yourself how awesome your day is going to be.  Enjoy it!!

Smile with your heart!

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