Day 14 – Remember

Whatever you’re doing at 11:00, stop and have a moment of silence.  Too many of us in this generation are beginning to forget.  Take some time to be silent.  Send out your gratitude for anything you please.  Reflect on your life and give thanks to the people who have allowed us to be here, right now.  We are so fortunate.

Happy Rememberance Day

Smile with your Heart

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  1. Thanks for the amazing friendship over the course of 10 years…..1/3 of my life! WOW!!! You’ve been such an inspiration and anchor in my life. You are an example of a secret smile!

  2. 1/3!!! I LOVE IT!!! Thank you Taylor!! I’m so glad to have you so close to me in my life!!! :) So many more adventures to come!

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