Day 13 – Create your day before you even step out of bed

Tomorrow morning before your feet even hit the ground beside your bed, take a few moments and send out some ‘thank you’s’ to the universe, or whomever you believe in. Try and say at least 5 things you are thankful for, even if it’s just “thank you for another beautiful day”.  Take a few more moments to picture how your day is going to go. Imagine that you are going to have the most amazing day and that everything will go smoothly. Visualize how you want your day to unfold.  Create it!  FEEL these feelings of calmness and gratefulness.  Once you are feeling good, maybe even with a smile on your face, hop out of bed and start your day with this enthusiastic and inspiring feeling.

I’m writing about this today because I had a funky day.  Nothing really dramatic happened, but I just felt sort of “off”.  My day didn’t really seem to flow like I would have liked it to.  Looking back on it I realize that I started off on the wrong foot.  I usually try not to get out of bed until I’m smiling (no joke, even just a small one! It makes a HUGE difference!), and have at least felt grateful for having ANOTHER awesome day to experience. Today, however, I got out of bed in a hurry and was pretty grumpy about getting up so early to go to work.  I know that things would have been different if I would have created my day from the get-go.  At least I have another go at it tomorrow!

This idea is just something small that I noticed makes a BIG difference in my day.  Try smiling tomorrow morning when you wake up.  Maybe even try smiling until you are genuinely smiling with your heart :)

Have a great day tomorrow!!  Smile with your heart ALL DAY!

Love JT

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  1. jen, this is the best advice. thanku! i just woke up this morning and allowed myself to stay in that subconcious zone where sleep and non sleep, awakeness, are still intertwined and allowed myself to relax and consciously bring my body into the waking world with the same relaxed deepness that i was feeling as i was still dozing. wanted to share that with u and keep supporting ur amazing vision! i am reading ur blog and being uplifted and inspired! xoxo!

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