Day 12 – Tune your instrument

Would you play an entire song on an instrument that was out of tune?  Probably not.  It would sound like crap!  You’d probably try it out and then realize that by tuning it, your music would sound much more sweet.  I got this idea from Reno (my favourite yogi!).  He mentioned one class that we are all instruments, here to play our own song.  Tune your instrument, he told us at the end of class.  Tune your instrument.

Think of yourself as an instrument, and think of the tuning of your instrument as ‘self-awareness’.  The more aware we become of ourselves, the more beautiful our music will sound.  And the more we practice becoming self-aware, and growing with this awareness, the more music we will be able to share.  You don’t want to go through an entire song (or your entire life) without tuning your instrument.  So start right now.

Music brings people together. You’ve probably noticed this if you’ve ever been to a beach or a party where someone is playing guitar.  You just want to be around it because it FEELS GOOD!!  So tune your instrument and practice, practice, practice.  Become aware of your feelings, your passions, your thoughts, and the people that surround you. Once you start to become more self-aware, your passions will just come alive.  You will be playing the most brilliant music with ease.  You will bring people around you who just want to listen to your music.   This will excite you to play even more and to become even better.  You will become more inspired and at the same time inspire everyone around you just by playing what you love. You’re sure to attract people who might be able to teach you a thing or two as well, just by being yourself.  You will wonder how you went so long playing an instrument that was out of tune.  You will struggle less because you will be in balance with all of the other instruments in your orchestra.  You will become more open to the endless amounts of potential and possibility that were always there in front of you but have now become clear because you are AWARE.

Here’s some pictures of Melissa, Craig and I during our jam session tonight, including our very own Indian dance!!  It was a good night.  Indian food, geetar, incense from India, lots of laughs and a whole bunch of “what did you say?”  Craig is an old soccer coach of mine who’s in town for a little while.  He’s a calm and enlightened soul with a hard to understand Scottish accent. He just got back from India which is making me more and more want to travel there. AND he taught me 3 new songs on the geet tonight! ‘Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town’ by Pearl Jam & ‘Free Falling’ by Tom Petty are my next ones to master! DONE!  Life is good :)  Thanks for the inspiration Craigers!!!

Smile with your heart!

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