Day 11 – Notice qualities you are attracted to

Who do you admire?  What types of qualities are you attracted to?  Who do you see and say to yourself, “I love that.  I want to be more like that”.  These are interesting questions because they help us to understand what we want to develop in ourselves. Lately, I have been attracting people into my life who are REAL. People who can say what they really feel without worrying what other people will think.  I’m loving hearing such honesty from these people in my life.  Some things said have been bold, but have challenged me to step back and think more about what I really want.  The type of person I’m attracted to lately is someone who radiates confidence, is real, inspiring, says what they feel, a go-getting, big-dreaming awesome spirit.  Big dreamers who have made their passion their life expression.  I want to be more like this!!!  It’s felt good lately to be around such inspiring people who’ve got it together. They have been inspiring me so much.  I see these qualities in my yoga teachers, in new & old friends, in a few nurses at work and even strangers who hold themselves high.  I’ve become more inspired by surrounding myself with this type of person.  Each day that goes by seems to be filled with more depth, passion and excitement.  It feels good.

I used to make a list of the ideal man that I wanted to attract.  This time around, I thought about it and decided that all of these qualities I want in a CHAMPION, I want to develop in ME!  So I made a new list.  (Yes, I like lists.  I am a nurse.  What can I say).  At the top of this list I wrote, “What I am attracting in myself!”.  I then continued to write a list of AWESOME qualities all beginning with “I am….”.  I figure I might as well become this awesome person that I want as a life partner, because I’m stuck with myself until I’m 102.  I might as well learn to love every part of me!  AND bring about amazing qualities that involve a challenge, reaching out there and dreaming big.

Another thing to be aware of is qualities in others that we do not like. Usually these are qualities in OURSELVES that we aren’t pleased with.  So if someone is really pissing you off, step back for a moment and ask yourself what it is about this person that is pushing your buttons.  You will most likely come to some realization of something inside of you which needs nurturing.  Also, in doing this I find that I’m able to laugh more when people piss me off.  It can become kind of fun.  It helps me to chill out A LOT more :)

We can take every moment in our lives as a learning opportunity.  Life’s gonna happen regardless, so we might as well make the most of it and challenge ourselves to grow!  Start noticing what you’re attracted to in others and also what pushes your buttons. Become more aware.  Smile when something bothers you because it’s often a reflection of yourself. AND visualize yourself with the admirable qualities in others that you find attractive.  There’s nothing more powerful than visualization.

Smile with your heart!


Oh!  And there’s snow at the top of Grouse!!  Today Natty Ice and I hiked the grind, and are now super pumped for snowshoe season!  WINTER IS ALMOST HERE!!!

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