Welcome to!! THIS is what happens when you write down your goals!!!  I bought the website back in February, and was just waiting around for it to magically start working or something. Maybe some internet guru to just show up at my door perhaps?  Either way, this method of gettin’er done was not working. After writing down my goals for the challenge, I figured I HAD to make it happen since I told everyone about it.  And really, it was actually pretty damn easy.  I think most big, hairy, ambitious goals (BHAG!) look like they are damn scary, but really they just take small simple steps.  This definitely was a BHAG goal for me, but looking back it wasn’t so scary after all :)  NEXT!

I wrote about wanting to start this website way back when, and received a comment from Steph Corker Irwin who offered to help. For some reason I didn’t take her up on her offer until now.  I shot her an email on Tuesday, we met on Thursday and now it’s Saturday and the website is up!  All it took was a good friend to meet me for coffee for about an hour to help show me the way. SO EASY!!  Thank you STEPH!!

Write down your goals, tell people about it and MAKE IT HAPPEN!!  What are you waiting for??!!  Do it now!!!

Smile with your heart!

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  1. Nice job :) I am day 5 onto my 40 day challenge yoga, running, spin and weights! Thanks for the motivation!

  2. Thanks big sis :) haha.. means a lot! glad you’re stoked on yoga!

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