Day 5 – Kickbox! Or just hit something :)

I’ve been kickboxing at a women’s gym now for a year and a half. I love it. Like many women, I was aways intimidated by punching bags, especially since I had always been made fun of for my girl punches in highschool. Funny how some things stick with you :). Kickboxing entered into my life when I was working at Sunny Hill hospital, which is a center for children who many of whom do not have a chance to get better. I was nicknamed “waterworks” at that rotation because I literally couldn’t go a day without balling my eyes out. I would go home after work and just sit on the couch, comatosed and continuing to ball my eyes out. Looking back now, I think I might have been depressed. I almost dropped out of the program at that point. Thank goodness for my teacher at the time because she pretty much held my hand through it. She let me pair up with Bjorn and Ravi in our class who wouldn’t let me go a whole hour without laughing, tears of laughter the majority of the time. It was Bjorn who suggested I kick the crap out of something. And that I did. Thank God for that.

Kickboxing has helped in so many other areas of my life as well. I no longer have dreams where men are chasing me and I can’t defend myself. I feel safer in the dark and I know that if I had to, I could kick the $%*& out of some scary ass weirdo. AND it feels GREAT to get all of my anger out!! I think we all need a way to release anger. We all have this inside of us. Kicking and punching things (not necessarily people!) are perfect ways to help make yourself feel good. Another benefit of kickboxing is that you get RIPPED!! Haha. Well some people do I’m sure. It does help me to feel better in my own skin. I really notice a difference if I don’t go for even just a week. I go to 30 minute hit, which I really recommend. Sorry guys, this one is just for chicks, but there are tons of other martial arts gyms around the city. Try it!!! It works for me :)

Smile with your heart!

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