Day 4 – Pop in a Yoga Video!!!

Okay fine, so I guess you can’t really call it a video anymore these days, but I still do! Whatever you want to call it, I REALLY recommend it! And if you’re reading this, and still haven’t tried yoga, TRY IT ALREADY!!!! How many times do I have to blog about it for you to TRY IT?! GEEEEZ!!

I came home last night from work super pooped and couldn’t shake off the grumpy pants. These pants had an extra layer of sadness to them which just wouldn’t shake. Thank goodness for my amazing roomie Melissa who just so happens to be one of the BEST yoga teachers I know!!! I was reluctant to her suggestion of offering me just a 10 minute yoga class. What a caring friend! So I grumbled onto my mat, along with my sad and grumpy pants, and started to breathe. With Melissa’s guidance I was slowly inhaling for a count of 8 and slowly exhaling for a count of 8. I was already feeling the pants start to make their way off. See you later frumpy pants!!! After only TEN MINUTES of breathing and doing a slow flow with a few easy movements, I once again felt as if I was glowing from the inside out. After this 10 minutes of relaxation, I mediated for just 10 more minutes right before bed (which is becoming yet another blissful routine which I will share about soon!). I had one of the best sleeps I’ve had in a long time. This morning, I woke up to one of my favourite songs with a smile on my face. My day had already started out fantastic. So much of this had to do with me bringing calmness back into myself the night before.

I got home too late from work tonight to make it to a class, yet I was determined to have that euphoric feeling that I experience from yoga! I rolled out my mat in this beautiful living room, took in the city lights, and started once again to breathe. It took only 60 minutes of my day, and I am feeling a million times more uplifted then when I first sat down. All it takes is puting the effort in of popping a video (DVD, whatever!) into your computer. That’s the hardest part. Once you’re on your mat, you are home. Home is where your mat is. I really am believing this more and more. The feeling you experience during and after yoga is something so indescribable. You could be anywhere in the world, alone or surrounded by unfamiliar faces and yet still feel at home. I am going to take this to heart and discover my ‘home’ much much more on this new adventure and personal journey.

I love Vancouverite Eion Finn’s yoga videos. I know that you can buy them for sure at Lululemon and Banyen Books on West 4th (my favourite book store in Van!). You can always find time in your day to sit on your mat and breathe. Even if breathing is all you do, at least you are taking the time for yourself to bring about stillness. Unconditional love is waiting for you INSIDE!!! You just have to sit still and experience this calmness to feel at peace and at home. :)

Smile with your heart!

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