Day 3 – Focus on your strengths

One of my favourite people recently gave me this advice. At first, I was like “yeah, yeah”, just another happy affirmation. But today I put it into practice, and it made a big difference in how my day went. So thank you. :)

We were asked in class the other day to write down 3 of our personal strengths in nursing. Why is it challenging to find good things about ourselves sometimes?? I decided that I’m strong at communicating and making people feel better using my happy and caring approach. I took this strength to work with me today. Instead of focusing on what I feel I am weak at, I decided to be calm, breathe and just be myself. I found that my patients responded better to this. If your meds or dressing change are a little late, oh well. I’m making you laugh and I’m helping you feel better by building a caring relationship. They all made some sort of comment on how much better they felt from having me care for them. That made my day :)

Focus on what you are GOOD at and FOLLOW THAT!!! Tell yourself positive affirmations and become even more confident with your strengths. In doing so it’s almost impossible for your weak areas not to improve. When we’re feeling good, we feel more confident and things just seem to flow better. We bring more experiences, people and opportunities into our life that are aligned with this passionate, uplifting and feel good energy. The little things just don’t seem to matter as much. AND, we’re kinder to ourselves when we’re not picking at all the things that could be better. Just face it, there’s always something that could be better. We will never be perfect. Perfect is BORING!!! Be yourself, laugh, feel good in your strong areas. Work on your weaknesses but FOCUS ON YOUR STRENGTHS!!!

Smile with your heart!

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  1. Awesome!! Strength Finders is amazing for just this. Nice work, Jen!

  2. Thanks Erin!! You rock :) I'm going to try to come to EJ on sunday for a class! See you soon! xx

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