Day 2 – A night out with TINA TURNER!!!!

What an awesome night!! I guess this is slightly obvious from the pics. I LOVE dressing up!! If ever you feel like having an extra good time with friends, dress up. You will have sore abs the next day from laughing so hard, guaranteed!!

AND, if you’re shy, dressing up is a great way to help boost your confidence. There’s something about dressing like somebody else that helps us to get out of our comfort zone. I LOVE IT!!

Tina Turner showed up around 8:00 last night. She was in the bathroom for a long time before this, maybe she had a lot of makeup to put on? Not really sure.

But the fun began soon after that! Melissa, Syl, Candace and Tina had a few drinks at our place before heading out to Academic to meet up with some more friends. Oh, and I almost forget the photo shoot and the show that Tina put on. She was lip syncing, which was unfortunate, but she rocked some kickass dance moves! Good times!! HAHA!

We woke up this morning, feeling a little rough but not too bad. When we opened the door to go out in the morning, we realized that “there was a tiger in the bathroom.” There was a bike outside our door which I had forgotten about. Apparently I was determined to bring it home last night. It was sitting outside the dumpster for someone to have and that person was me! Suuuuuper excited after the bar to have received a new free bike, until this morning when we realized how ugly and broken it really was! HAHA. I totally forgot about it!!! In the movie the Hangover, they had such a rough night they actually had a tiger in their bathroom and had no idea how it got there. So if ever you’re kinda blurry about what happened the night before, you can say that there’s a tiger in the bathroom. I love it.

Day 2 of the challenge was a bit rough getting going. It was a lazy day for sure. I was feeling a bit more sad than normal. Man, alcohol is not good for your body. If you’re already sad, it makes it worse. So if you’re having a rough time in life (sort of like me right now) AVOID IT!! It acts as a depressant, and only makes you feel more down. Everything in moderation :) Yoga was awesome though. It saved my day. I love your class Crista! We rocked out our downward dogs to Thriller… awesome!!!


Have a safe halloween!  Smile with your heart!

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