40 Day Challenge!!! October 30 – December 10 :)

Today is the first day of the 40 day yoga challenge at Semperviva in Kitsilano. It’s been officially ONE year since I started yoga. This is the same 40 day challenge that had a dramatic affect on the new direction I was to take in my life. I can’t really put a finger on exactly what changed in me over this year, but I do know that I feel much more grounded. I am learning that I am a freedom chaser, but yoga has helped me to ground my roots and continue to dream at the same time. I have learned new things about myself and begun a journey of self-discovery. It’s like I’m learning who I am all over again. I feel more confident in myself, my choices, my decisions and have created a strong circle of support around me. I know this is just the beginning. Yoga has helped my heart break open to experience life in such a different way. I feel more. I am stronger emotionally, yet softer at the same time. I am learning a healthy balance of yin and yang in my life. It is only the beginning. :)

I am taking this 40 day yoga challenge to the next level. Melissa and I have created a goal board which we have put in our living room so that we our constantly reminded of our goals for this month. I am dedicating the month of November to nurturing myself. Doing things that make me feel good, so that I’m better able to GIVE. Give more to myself, and to EVERYONE around me. Hence, one of my goals is to blog every day :). I want to help any one reading this blog to learn to know their potential. So much is POSSIBLE!! We just have to believe it and feel it. What more of a perfect way to kickstart your life with a 40 day challenge. I challenge you to try it with us!

Here’s a tip for Day 1: WRITE DOWN YOUR GOALS!!!
This is a perfect idea for this challenge because there is a time limit for which your goals have to be met. Put your goals where you can see them many times during the day. TELL people about your goals and include these friends in your success!! This way you are accountable for achieving them.

Here’s a popular acronym you might have heard of before: Goals are to be SMART.
S – specific (short enough you could write it on a t-shirt)
M – measurable (how will you know you’ve achieved it?)
A – attainable (is it possible?)
R – realistic (be honest with yourself)
T – timely (set a date of completion)

Join us on this challenge, and write down some goals starting today. Even if it’s just one. Right now, write down “I will ________ by December 10, 2010”. It can be ANYTHING. Strive for it! You will feel AMAZING once you’ve reached it. Also, writing down goals helps you to do those things you’ve been meaning to get around to. Now that you have a deadline of 40 days, you’re more likely to gett’er done! Seriously, write down some goals RIGHT NOW!!! DO IT NOW!

Smile with your heart! Happy Halloween :)

p.s. Please feel free to leave comments!! I’ve set it up now so that it’s easy to do. If you have any ideas for me to blog about, PLEASE SHARE!!!

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