Our soul fills a room :)

This morning at 6:45, most people were probably getting ready to go to work. Maybe enjoying a warm cup of coffee, relaxing and eating breakfast, or just getting started on their day. For me, it was a little bit different. I was helping to bag a body. I have never done this before, and actually asked to help because I wanted to experience what it felt like. Weird, I know. But it’s something that nurses have to do.

Walking into the room where someone has just died feels odd. A little eery. Lifeless. Literally, it feels dead. It made me realize how our souls really do fill a room. I am able to feel people’s energy pretty well, and feel that I have a strong connection to feeling other’s souls. This is something I’m only beginning to discover in myself. It was the weirdest thing to feel this body no longer having a soul. It really did feel as if she was soul-less.

Standing over her, I sent her my prayers and imagined her soul being set free. Who knows where it will soar free to. I imagined perhaps that maybe another life was beginning at this exact time. I almost felt it. I’m believing more and more that we are ENERGY. I believe that there is not a beginning or an end, rather it is passed on in different ways. There is something so much greater in the universe that we can only try to grasp an understanding of.

I can’t say this enough: Let your soul shine. These bodies that our soul encompasses are just a physical form. We are so much more than 2 feet and a heartbeat. We are our spirits. So IGNITE it!!! When you follow your heart, this enlightened, bright soul will shine through. I think that’s the difference between a person whose energy feels really happy and free compared to someone whose energy feels angry or dark. IGNITE IT!!! Let it be free. We have been given this body as a gift for now. So do the only thing that we were made to do, and en-JOY LIFE!!!

Smile with your heart!

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