LOVE your city!!!

I believe that we live in the BEST city in the world. I’ve travelled to a few places, and every where I go I become even more grateful to come home to such a beautiful city. Sometimes people ask me where I’m from, because they can’t believe I live here since my mouth drops so far open when I’m taking it all in. I LOVE THIS PLACE!!! Enjoy your backyard!! There is so much to enjoy. Take it all in. Look at your city like it’s the first time ever seeing it. Feel it. Pretend you’re a tourist. I always love taking people around Van who are from out of town. It’s such a great city to show off, and it feels GREAT to explore it through new eyes! Here’s a pic I snapped the other day from my new home (for now- haha). AMAZING!!! Love your CITY!!!

Smile with your heart!!

p.s. Melissa and I went to see ‘The Social Network’ the other night. Really cool movie! I had no idea of the story behind facebook. That guy is a genius! Facebook rocks!

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